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The Sci-Fi Action Drama Fans Of Wynonna Earp Need To Watch Next

In the years since its first episode aired on the Syfy network, sci-fi western Wynonna Earp has become a cult favorite among a growing fanbase. The series' source material dates back to a 1996 series of comic books written by author Beau Smith. Prior to its publication, Smith had to pressure the first issue's publisher into allowing his series to feature a strong woman as its lead character. After successfully lobbying his publisher, the legacy of Smith's original vision lives on to this day in its new, televised format.

The titular Wynonna Earp is the great-great-granddaughter of famed historical cowboy cop Wyatt Earp. Throughout the series, Wynonna fights a variety of supernatural beings including "revenants," which are the reincarnated forms of cowboys killed by Wyatt in his heyday. The series' blend of the Old West and the fantastical positions it firmly within the growing "Weird West" subgenre.

Given its wide range of influences, there are elements for a variety of fans to appreciate in Wynonna Earp, from its female lead to its supernatural setting. Fortunately for fans looking for new series to scratch a similar itch, Van Helsing includes its fair share of parallels to Wynonna Earp, and will likely satisfy.

From reanimated cowboys to deadly vampires

Similar to the titular Wynonna Earp, Van Helsing's lead character, Vanessa Van Helsing, is the direct descendent of the famous — and fictional, in this case — vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Whereas Wyatt Earp was active in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Abraham Van Helsing first appeared in Bram Stoker's late-1800s landmark vampire novel Dracula. Thus, while one character's ancestor existed in our world and the other is entirely fictional, the lineages of both series' main characters closely resemble one another.

The supernatural baddies of Van Helsing are, naturally, vampires. Dracula himself even factors into the show as the leader of the vampire world. Vanessa Van Helsing fights against the series' villainous vampires with a shotgun, which should help fans of Wynonna Earp and her signature Peacemaker revolver feel at home.

Both Wynonna Earp and Van Helsing premiered on the Syfy network in 2016, within months of one another. Both series have currently run for a total of four seasons, as well. However, whereas the fate of Wynonna Earp is currently undetermined, Van Helsing has already been renewed for a fifth season. If Wynonna Earp never returns for another season, then the forthcoming fifth season of Van Helsing can serve as a suitable replacement.