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The Ending Of Sentinelle Explained

The latest revenge thriller to join Netflix has secured the spot for the most-watched movie on the platform, and it's easy to see why. The French film Sentinelle is an action-packed hit that touches on more sensitive topics like the importance of family and the effects of PTSD, and fans can't get enough of the multi-layered thrill ride.

Though the ending is a twist in itself, the majority of the movie involves our protagonist Klara (Olga Kurylenko) on a journey to enact revenge against the men who hurt her sister Tania (Marilyn Lima) after a night out. Fortunately, Klara is a soldier for the French Army, so she's equipped with impressive fighting and surveillance skills that help her track down her targets. The hardest part of her mission is getting around the security and influence of her enemies, since they also happen to be wealthy diplomats who are pretty much immune to any real prosecution by law enforcement.

A movie about family

At its core, Sentinelle is about sisterly love. The plot centers around Klara doing whatever it takes to get justice for her sister, even if it means going around the law to do so. This is especially touching since Klara works for the government, and she's at risk of not only losing her career but being prosecuted for taking matters into her own hands.

Not only is Klara and Tania's love for each other obvious, but so is their mother Maria's (Antonia Malinova). The moment Klara, who suffers from PTSD, arrives home from duty, Tania and Maria shower her with love and affection, doing whatever they can to make her comfortable. Throughout the movie, as Klara checks up on Tania in the hospital, Maria checks up on Klara as well. Getting to see the closeness of the family throughout the movie reminds us just what Klara is fighting for and why she's so driven to succeed.

The ending of Sentinelle and what it means for Klara

Sentinelle leaves us with a bit of an open ending, but we're satisfied in knowing that Klara got to enact her revenge on Tania's attackers. The final scene shows Klara — now in hiding from law enforcement — smiling as she sees her sister happily hanging out with her friends and lets us know that things are going to be okay. Klara dealt with the threat, and even though Tania won't heal from her trauma overnight, she can at least rest a little easier knowing that she won't have to worry about them anymore.

As for Klara, it's safe to assume that she'll be in hiding for the foreseeable future. While we love a good vigilante story, she did break the law by taking matters into her own hands. But we'd like to think that some distance from her usually action-packed surroundings will help Klara heal from her own trauma.