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How American Horror Story Fans Really Felt About This Evan Peters Character

Fans of American Horror Story are very much used to seeing their favorite actors take on different roles throughout the show. One of these AHS stars is Evan Peters, a veteran of the series who made his debut in the first season as the teenage serial killer ghost Tate Langdon. Following Murder House, Peters went on to portray over a dozen different characters, each with their own arcs and quirks. While Peters hasn't been a fan of some of the scenes he's done, overall, each role has shown off the star's capabilities and range.

However, not every Ryan Murphy character is created equal, and no matter how great the actor, sometimes certain things just fall flat. Even a seasoned actor like Kathy Bates has played terrible characters on the show. When it comes to Evan Peters' character from the show's third season, Coven, many fans are in agreement that the role just didn't work.

Evan Peters' frat boy Frankenstein character didn't go over well with AHS fans

In Coven, Peters takes on the role of Kyle Spencer, a frat boy who gets accidentally killed by Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) after she flips an entire bus via telekinesis in the season premiere. After Madison and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) revive him, Kyle is unable to communicate properly and has destructive tendencies. Although he's involved in a love triangle subplot with Madison and Zoe, the character doesn't hold any significant weight in the show's main story. Of course, leave it to fans to notice this and pick the character apart.

In a Reddit thread that was centered around unpopular AHS opinions, fans tore into Kyle. Dissatisfied with Murphy's decision to add Kyle to the season, they criticized the character's lack of depth and underutilization. "The entire season didn't use Kyle well at all," one user wrote. "He was basically just there so Even Peters could get a top billing." In addition to his shallow characterization, fans also weren't invested in his romance with Zoe, and they felt that he was being held against his will by the witches. "It was lazy writing that added nothing to the plot but a hostage situation," a user said. "He wouldn't even exist if Zoe didn't have a crush on him after five seconds."

While fans agree that Kyle wasn't Evan Peters' most shining moment on the series, he did go on to play some other pretty great characters. Being an AHS veteran gives you a lot of experience, and thankfully the actor continues to serve up great performances in every new season of the show.