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The One Part Of The Umbrella Academy That Grosses Out Fans

The Umbrella Academy has certainly approached the superhero genre from a unique perspective. By depicting most of the characters as emotionally stunted adults who tend to mess up a lot, the comic's creator Gerard Way – who also fronts the band My Chemical Romance — has created some thoughtful and complex heroes. These great characterizations carried over into the television adaptation of the series, and it's arguably one of the show's strongest assets. This is especially the case when audiences are given the opportunity to see how the academy's children all interact with each other.

Being raised together since birth, the Umbrella Academy's members essentially grew up as a tight-knit family that, despite their differences, are there for each other. However, since they faced harrowing adventures together at a young age and suffered the loss of one of the children, it goes without saying that they all grew up a bit traumatized. With no one to turn to except each other, the heroes at the academy have formed close relationships with one another over the years — some much closer than others. In the case of Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) and Luther (Tom Hopper), who definitely have the closest relationship out of any of the students at the academy, some fans feel that there should've been more boundaries between the two.

Umbrella Academy fans aren't quick to ship Allison and Luther

One fan of The Umbrella Academy opened up a discussion on Reddit about Allison and Luther's relationship. In the post, the user asked if others were "grossed out" by the romance since the two characters are technically adopted siblings. "I get they're not related by blood, but they call each other 'bro' and 'sis,'" the user wrote. "For god's sake, Allison's kid calls him uncle Luther."

Other users chimed in about the topic. In the thread, a handful of fans were somewhat in agreement that the pairing is a little off-putting. "Yes. It's yucky," a user wrote. "Plenty of people don't like it. Gerard even stated in 2019 that looking back on that plotline in the comics after a decade he realizes that 'It's kinda f***ed up.'" The Way quote mentioned by the Reddit user came from an interview in which The Hollywood Reporter directly asked if the Allison and Luther pairing was incest. "I'll tell you this: When I first wrote the comic, my answer would have definitely been, 'Pfft, not incest! They're not even related!'" he said. "But now that I'm forty, I'm like, 'Yeah, but they still grew up together."

However, some fans aren't completely grossed out by the pairing. One of the top-rated comments came from a user who attempted to justify the relationship. Stating that the kids at the academy "were never really a proper family" and "more like a very small boarding school," the user said the relationship dynamic between Allison and Luther doesn't imply a sibling connection. "They kinda didn't interact like siblings, and acted very estranged from each other even when they were young," the user argued.

While this topic can be debated until whenever season 3 comes out, it most certainly is a contentious issue for fans. Although another user in the thread claimed that Way is "pulling away" from the pairing in the comics, it'll be interesting to see how showrunners deal with Allison and Luther in later installments of The Umbrella Academy.