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The Sad Truth About The Umbrella Academy's Luther And Allison

The Umbrella Academy's Allison and Luther Hargreeves aren't quite on the on-again, off-again level as Rachel and Ross from Friends, but a plethora of audience members still want to see them finally be together happily when all is said and done.

As showrunner Steve Blackman has said, there's nothing typical about the way the members of the Umbrella Academy grew up, and of course, that includes Allison and Luther. While some fans have been weirded out by the adopted siblings' relationship, the two aren't actually biologically related, so the Netflix series doesn't have a Jaime-and-Cersei-from-Game-of-Thrones situation on its hands. The two did, however, spend a lot of time with each other during the journey of growing up and learning how to be a human ... and a member of a super-dysfunctional family of superheroes.

As much as viewers want to see Number One and Number Three become a couple, as innocence morphs into something more romantic, the sad truth about these two would-be lovebirds is that they'll likely stay in a platonic relationship, as that path could be the best for both characters' arcs. How long can a show's creators drag on the will-they-won't-they angle?

Spoilers ahead!

The Umbrella Academy's forced romantic duo should move on to grow

On season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, Allison made leaps and bounds in her personal life, relying less on her powers and stepping into a legitimate civil rights leader role. Oh yeah, and she also married a man named Raymond Chestnut (Yusuf Gatewood). Allison showed that she's not only capable of moving on from her past and from her relationship with Luther, but that she can also start a new life with another person. Meanwhile, Luther worked with Diego (David Castañeda) and Five (Aidan Gallagher) while stepping into his always-anticipated Number One role and trying to stop yet another apocalypse from occurring.

For two seasons, Luther and Allison's bond has, if anything, dragged on. Just because they may never get together doesn't mean their relationship will slowly crumble and fade like an aging, fall-touched flower. They can still be there for one another, especially if they believe no one understands them quite like each other. Assuming both of these characters will be present on The Umbrella Academy season 3, Allison also has to attend to her daughter Claire (Coco Assad) and ex-husband Patrick (Braden Hendrickson), adding the emotional baggage to her already complex life. Putting Luther and Allison together because they're close in proximity is forcing a plot line at its finest, and Allison doesn't need a man in her life — if that's what she inevitably chooses — to be complete.

The audience never knows what timeline or age The Umbrella Academy is going to be zapped back to or forward, let alone how many timelines have already been played out (perhaps not shown on the screen). After all, Five has a tendency to time travel and murky the time continuum waters of events that are and/or were supposed to happen thanks to his confident appetite and not understanding his limitations.

Luther and Allison still don't seem to know what they fully want and they should take the time to figure it out, although Allison appeared to do that on season 2. Neither party is going anywhere, as the two will forever be bound by their abilities, upbringing, and responsibility to save the world. 

Alas, if a show's creators want an event to happen, no matter how weird it might seem once they reach a certain time and place, they can haphazardly will it into existence. Case in point: Robin Scherbatsky and Ted Mosby eventually ending up together on How I Met Your Mother