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Netflix's True Story - What We Know So Far

Not only is Kevin Hart one of the biggest stand-up comics in the world, but he's also a huge movie star. While he's played many different types of roles in movies like Get Hard and Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle, his latest acting project will see him hitting a little more close to home.

Hart is set to executive-produce and star in a new Netflix original limited series called True Story. As the title suggests, the series will be drawing inspiration from Hart's own life and career, and the comedian is set to play a fictionalized version of himself. Hart and company have enlisted the help of Netflix veteran Eric Newman of Hemlock Grove and Narcos fame to write and executive-produce the series.

News of True Story first dropped back in December 2020, courtesy of Deadline. Since then, there has been a bevy of new information released about the series. From casting news to plot details to when we can expect to see the show, here's everything we know so far about True Story.

We still have a bit of a wait until the release of True Story

At the time of writing, no release date for True Story has been revealed. We do have some information about the production of the series that can help us narrow down when we should expect to see it, though.

In January, Deadline reported that a number of TV and film productions shooting in Los Angeles, California, were being delayed due to the city's surge in COVID-19 cases. One series that was not affected by that shutdown, however, was True Story. The report indicated that the series was still planning on starting its production at the end of January.

There hasn't been any news about production on the series since, so it seems likely that the show did indeed kick off in late January or early February. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that we'll be seeing the series this year. We'll have to wait for an official release date to confirm, but we'd expect for True Story to be released on Netflix sometime in 2022.

Kevin Hart isn't the only notable name in True Story's cast

True Story may be inspired by Kevin Hart, but he's not the only big name attached to the project. Wesley Snipes, the legendary star of Blade and, more recently, Coming 2 America, will also star in the series. Hart's character is named Kid, while Snipes' is named Carlton. We'll get into their complicated relationship in a moment, but first, there are some other cast members worth noting.

Back in February, Deadline dropped a report featuring a list of cast members for the show along with some brief character descriptions. These include Tawny Newsome, who will play one of Kid's joke writers, Will Catlett as his bodyguard, and Lauren London as Kid's ex-wife and mother of his child.

Other cast members include Paul Adelstein as Kid's manager, Ash Santos as a woman who gets swept up into Kid's orbit after meeting him at a club, as well as Chris Diamantopoulos, John Ales, and Billy Zane, who play a trio of brothers who are part of a "close knit family that knows no limit."

A casting report from March also revealed that Sons of Anarchy and Luke Cage star Theo Rossi (who also has a part in Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix series Army of the Dead) joined the project and will play a die-hard fan of Kid's who never misses a show (via Deadline).

What we know so far about the plot of True Story

We already know that Kevin Hart will be playing a famous stand-up comedian and Wesley Snipes will portray his brother, but exactly what kind of story will these two characters get involved in? Based on what we know so far about the plot of True Story, it sounds like there is some major brotherly drama going down.

A short plot synopsis for the upcoming limited series indicates that the action kicks off while Kid is in his hometown of Philadelphia doing a show. While he's there, he encounters his brother, Carlton. But it's not necessarily a happy reunion. According to the synopsis, published in Deadline, "the consequences of a lost evening with [Kid's] wayward older brother threaten to destroy everything he's built."

What happened on that particular evening and exactly what will be threatening the two brothers remains unclear. However, it is described as "a matter of life and death." Based on their character descriptions, it sounds possible that the trio of brothers played by Diamantopoulos, Ales, and Zane may be members of some type of crime family, perhaps even one that Carlton has run afoul of. That is pure speculation at this point, though, and we will have to wait a while longer to see exactly what True Story has in store for viewers.