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The Real Reason The Pawn Stars Never Make The First Offer

Over the many years the show has been on their air, Pawn Stars has featured hundreds of objects that have varied in price. When one of these valuable items is brought on to the show, it's up to the Harrison patriarch to decide how much money they're willing to drop on it. When making these negotiations, there is a specific set of rules that the Harrisons follow in order to make sure they're getting the best bang for their buck. As a result of these tactics, there have been instances in which the team low-balled customers, and got away with it.

At the end of the day, these arguably shady practices are all based around turning a profit. After all, the Harrisons have to make money in order to sustain the shop. One of the tactics that has worked countless times in the past is to never make the first offer when a client comes into the store. This is one of the best ways for the Harrisons to test the waters to see how low or high they need to go when purchasing an object. However, Rick explained to fans why this practice is more valuable than they might actually think.

Never making the first offer pays off in the long run

Whenever a potential client comes on to Pawn Stars to sell an object, Rick will always, without fail, never make the first offer when negotiating. During an interview with CNN, the star explained that this tactic was absolutely crucial when buying an object. In his statement, Rick mentioned that coming at a client with a first offer can ruin the buyer in the long run. "You should never, ever, give the first numbers," he said. "As a buyer, you don't want to risk coming in first with a high price."

In addition to this piece of advice, Rick also said that anyone who plans on being in the position of the buyer should be sure to not get super attached to an object. This also plays a massive role in the "never make the first offer" tactic. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that the buyer maintains a level head when negotiating, that way they don't overspend money out of fear they won't find the object again. "Never fall in love with something when you're negotiating a price," Rick explained. "Never decide you're going to buy something because you can't live without it. Negotiating to buy an item shouldn't be an emotional process."

With these tactics in mind, Rick and the co-owners of the store ensure that they can make a profit while keeping things relatively fair for the client. While there have been some cases in which the family did have some monetary losses, they were still able to make a quick recovery. Now with Corey getting set up to be the future owner of the store someday, it's only fair to assume that he too will master this negotiating skill.