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Who Are All The Celebs In Taco Bell's Eat Like You Commercial?

It's no secret that a good celebrity endorsement can help drive sales for any major brand. In the case of Taco Bell's new Eat Like You commercial, the fast food company opted to have not one, but multiple famous faces to help promote their new campaign. This new commercial features the exclusive Taco Bell Build Your Own Craving Box, which allows customers to load a variety of different menu items of their choosing into one box, all for $5.

To help drive this concept home, the company has assembled a positively star-studded cast. Throughout the minute-long ad, various celebrities reveal their favorite Taco Bell menu items, illustrating just how many options can fit into customers' custom boxes. In order to help identify the standouts in those 60 celebrity-packed seconds, we're here with the complete roll call for the Taco Bell Eat Like You commercial, and where you might have seen each of these famous faces before.

The Taco Bell commercial is jam-packed with famous faces

The first featured celebrity in the commercial is Noah Centineo, who's best known for his role as teenage heartthrob Peter Kavinsky in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before movies. Centineo opens up the commercial by landing on a moving jet plane to show off the Taco Bell app. However, he's quickly interrupted by the director on the scene, and we cut to the next major celebrity in the commercial, Brad Simms. Simms is a famous BMX rider who argues that Taco Bell's bean burrito is the superior menu item, all while performing a thrilling stunt on his bike.

The next major celebrity to step into the spotlight is CL, a major K-pop icon. Formerly a member of the girl group 2NE1, CL went solo in 2015 and has released singles like "Hello B**ches" and "Lifted" that have allowed her to become the first female Korean artist to chart on Billboard. Fans of the singer can spot her stepping out of a venue in a fur coat surrounded by security. Additionally, massive TikTok influencer Nava Rose makes an appearance. On top of her short videos on the social platform, Rose is known for stylishly showing off her shopping hauls and other vlog content on her YouTube channel, which boasts over one million subscribers. In the commercial, Rose can be seen sipping on a Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

The last major celebrity to be shown in the commercial is drag queen Onyx Black. This stylish Delaware-based queen has a sizeable presence on social media, and even calls herself "The Crunchwrap SuKween." In the ad, Onyx can be briefly seen chomping down on a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme — very on-brand, indeed. 

With Taco Bell assembling such an Avengers-caliber lineup of influencer endorsements for a single one-minute spot, it's safe to say they've truly created a commercial that many may not soon forget.