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Survey Reveals How Many People Think The Matrix Revolutions Is Keanu Reeves' Worst Movie

Everyone knows and loves Keanu Reeves, and it's easy to see why. He's one of the most giving and humble individuals in the acting world and spreads his positive outlook on life at every turn, inspiring people across the globe. Of course, his primary mode of sticking in the public's consciousness is the big screen, where he has been a constant presence for the better part of three decades in roles major and minor. From Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to Speed, he has tried out all manner of cinema in hopes of finding his niche, ultimately proving himself as a jack of all trades.

However, despite Reeves' seemingly limitless talents in front of the camera, a handful of franchises remain at the top of his résumé. Arguably the best known of the bunch is the Wachowski sisters' Matrix trilogy, where he took on the lead role of hacker-turned-hero Neo. His portrayal of the series' main character helped to put both the Matrix name as well as his own on the map, leading to a handful of sequels. The most recent of the bunch (until The Matrix 4 releases in late 2021) is the highly disappointing The Matrix Revolutions from 2003. In fact, it was such a letdown that some fans would claim it's Keanu Reeves' worst movie to date. Nevertheless, a few other titles manage to give it a run for its money.

The Matrix Revolutions isn't the worst, but it's far from the best

To find out which entry in Keanu Reeves' filmography is the weakest, Looper recently ran a poll asking 650 individuals which is their pick for the worst of the worst. As far as The Matrix Revolutions is concerned, it fared much better than one might expect, only earning 10.77% of the vote.

For the sake of comparison, Knock Knock and Johnny Mnemonic tied for the first-place spot, each taking home 16.62%, trailed by Bram Stoker's Dracula at 16.31%. 47 Ronin snagged an even 12% of the overall vote, followed by write-in responses — including Constantine, John Wick, and The Devil's Advocate, among others — at 10.62%. Finally, The Watcher and Replicas rounded out the bottom of the list with 8.92% and 8.15%, respectively.

Currently sitting at an unimpressive 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, the lowest of the trilogy, many consider The Matrix Revolutions the biggest letdown in the canon. It disregards much of the philosophical conundrums that the original presented in favor of spotlighting its extravagant, poor CGI-riddled fight sequences. Be that as it may, compared to the uninteresting Knock Knock and the outlandish Johnny Mnemonic, at least the third Matrix film was pretty entertaining and maintained a mostly cohesive story throughout. 

Keanu Reeves still put out a solid performance under his Neo alter-ego, but The Matrix Revolutions' many shortcomings tend to overshadow that positive. At the end of the day, it's not the worst project he has attached his name to, but it's certainly not worth writing home about.