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Here's Who Plays The Kids In Chipotle's Super Bowl Commercial

For some audience members, theĀ movie trailers and commercials aired during the Super Bowl are just as entertaining as the game, if not more. They've garnered a reputation for being weirdly hilarious or particularly creative, with companies pulling out all the stops (seriously, they cost a fortune) to create the perfect Super Bowl ad. Sometimes that means getting Dolly Parton to re-record her famous song "9 to 5," but for Chipotle, it means bringing their company values front and center to a massive audience.

The chain has made ambitious ads before, with animated short films condemning factory farms and artificial ingredients, but this commercial marks their first Super Bowl spot. Created alongside ad agency Venables Bell & Partners, the 30-second live-action ad considers how farming impacts the environment and how it can be made more sustainable.

Tackling this topic are a pair of kids eating burritos. The young boy asks, "What if this could change the world?" When the girl opposite him expresses doubt, he excitedly lists off the various levels of food production that could change. On a tomato farm, he says, with all the sweet optimism of a little kid, "it could make our farmers happier, more organic, more real, more soil-helping, less carbon emitting, and world-changing."

The ad copy isn't so specific about the how, but its message about sustainable farming is bolstered by the boy's wonder and enthusiasm. These two actors are about to be seen by millions of people, so just who are they?

The Chipotle kids are hopeful for the future, and this ad could be huge for theirs

Zachary Nemes plays the boy, joined by Vanessa Ramos as the girl. Considering the ad's topic, it makes sense to put two kids at the center, as younger generations will be the ones most impacted by what the future brings. For these kids in particular, who will be seen on countless TVs during the Super Bowl, the commercial just might shape their personal futures and lead to fruitful acting careers.

According to a Chipotle press release, the company is hoping their ad will shed light "on how greater awareness of where food comes from and how it is grown can not only help everyone, but also begin to reverse an agricultural industry crisis." The message already seems to have struck a chord with people on social media. Twitter user @ManaDesignsGI retweeted the video, adding, "Chipotle is Life. This is not just a statement because I like their food. This company is striving to make a positive impact on the environment in ways no other restaurant chain has before. Chipotle represents the conscious choice to be better than you were the day before!"

The ad is slated to premiere during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. Since watching it will likely make people hungry, Chipotle is offering free delivery for the day, and putting some bite behind their bark by donating a portion of each delivery order to the National Young Farmers Coalition.