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What Is The Song In Amazon's Alexa Commercial Starring Michael B. Jordan?

On Sunday, February 7, Super Bowl LV will pit the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, as is always the case with the Super Bowl, there will also be the fierce competition over which commercial reigns supreme and stays in our minds even the next day.

Some advertisers have been releasing their commercials (or parts of them, at least) early to build the hype. One such company is Amazon, which is looking to garner interest for its newest $100 Echo model. The ad in question at first seems to focus on a group of people discussing the Echo's "flawless" spherical design. One woman declares, "I couldn't imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be..." before trailing off upon seeing a bus ad for Michael B. Jordan's upcoming Amazon Prime movie Without Remorse. "Inside," she concludes.

The remainder of the ad features the woman imagining Michael B. Jordan as Alexa, doing all manner of things: telling her how many tablespoons are in a cup, turning on the sprinklers (so Jordan can get soaking wet), dimming the lights by having Jordan take off his shirt to cover a nearby lamp, and of course, reading in the tub.

Throughout the ad, the woman's partner grows increasingly uncomfortable with this Jordan-Alexa's presence. The ad is played for humor, but the key to the joke lies mostly in playing it straight. Just the right song was required to nail the tone, and Amazon found exactly that.

"The Most Beautiful Thing" is about the soul mate you've never met

Bruno Major first shared a demo of "The Most Beautiful Thing" on his Instagram back on April 24, 2020 as a single from his second studio album, To Let a Good Thing Die, which was released the following summer. Major co-wrote "The Most Beautiful Thing" with Finneas Baird O'Connell, a.k.a. FINNEAS, best known for his Grammy-winning collaborations with his sister, Billie Eilish.

In a press release via Shore Fire Media, Major explained the origin of the track. "I wrote 'The Most Beautiful Thing' with FINNEAS in his living room in LA. We sat and talked for a few hours about everything and nothing. Writing the song took considerably less time than our conversation."

As for what the song is about, Major explained that the "big idea" is about how "the concept of a soul mate has always seemed far fetched, when that person could easily be born on the other side of the world or in a different time, and the chances of meeting them [is] so slim." In summation, "'The Most Beautiful Thing' is a love letter to the soul mate I've never met."

It seems like the woman in the Amazon's Super Bowl Echo commercial found her soul mate in the form of Michael B. Jordan as Alexa.