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The Real Reason Kat Dennings Doesn't Read Through Her WandaVision Scripts

One of the stars of WandaVision is choosing to remain in the dark along with the series' fans. Spoilers for episode four of WandaVision to follow!

After the first three installments of WandaVision simply paid homage to classic television shows and eras of the past, the fourth, "We Interrupt This Program," switched focus entirely. Audiences were pleased and surprised when the episode ultimately brought back two familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Randall Park's Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings' Dr. Darcy Lewis, who appeared in the Ant-Man and Thor films, respectively.

In a new interview in Entertainment Weekly, Dennings dished on what it was like to return to the MCU for a small-screen venture, what she thinks Darcy has been up to throughout some of the MCU's biggest moments — like Thanos' infamous snap — and why she was so surprised to return to the cinematic universe after nearly ten years. Beyond those topics, Dennings revealed a pretty interesting tidbit; here's the real reason that Kat Dennings doesn't like to read through the entirety of her WandaVision scripts.

Kat Dennings doesn't want to know what happens on WandaVision

In conversation with EW, Dennings admitted that those she was a part of the table reads where the cast went over the entire season, she tries to keep herself in the dark for one important reason: to help her own performance.

"Well, I did know initially because we read through all the episodes," Dennings revealed. "So I was in on the table reads, so I knew what happened and what was going on, but I decided consciously to stop reading because I didn't want to know too much and I'm not a good enough actor to fake not knowing anything [laughs], so it could only help me. And getting to this moment where we're talking about it, I'm consciously trying not to spoil anything, but also there is an element of me really not knowing what happens, so it makes my job a little bit easier."

Here's what it was like for Kat Dennings to return to the MCU

As for Dennings' surprising involvement in WandaVision, even the actress herself was pretty surprised to even get a call from Marvel, especially since she admits she has no connection to either Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) or Vision (Paul Bettany).

When asked if she knew what Darcy had been doing, Dennings responded, "I didn't know she was a doctor. All I knew was that they wanted to bring Darcy back and that it was for WandaVision. So I was extremely surprised only because Darcy had had no interaction as a character with anyone in the world WandaVision at all, so I was like, "Wow, that was the last show I expected to be a part of." But when I saw what they did with it, it's kind of an ingenious move for them."

As far as what Darcy was doing during the "blip" that erased half of all living beings, Denning's isn't sure... but she does know one thing. "Yeah, that was a question initially," Dennings recalled. "Did Darcy blip? Or what happened? Where is she? But this kind of answered the question that she's just been in school this entire time, I guess, becoming a doctor. Not an M.D., but becoming an astrophysicist."

Dennings also got to work with a new performer for WandaVision, which pairs her up with Jimmy Woo. "It was amazing," Dennings said of working with her co-star Randall Park. "He's a lovely, wonderful person, great actor, obviously. But it was so funny just because Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, again, a couple of people who never interacted before in any of the franchises, so that was really fun. And I think there was that knowledge that, 'Oh, people are going think this is cool.' It's always really fun to see pairings that you don't expect. So yeah, it's a delight. He's lovely."

New episodes of WandaVision, which will continue to feature Dennings' Darcy Lewis, air every Friday at midnight PST on Disney+.