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Cherie Chan's Net Worth: The Bling Empire Star Is Worth More Than You Think

Bling Empire may sound like a reality show title that's excessively opulent, but when it comes to its cast of characters, the name may actually be underselling it. 

The families portrayed on the latest Netflix series, which was one of the highlights of the platform's January offerings, are richer than rich, with the primary focus being on a group of Eastern Asian socialites who spend their time living the high life in Beverly Hills. Even with all that grandiosity, these people still have their issues, but we're guessing going home to a luxurious mansion helps make life's little difficulties a bit more manageable. 

Heiress Anna Shay is by far the richest of the bunch, with an estimated net worth of $600 million, but that doesn't mean the rest of the cast are slouches. Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee have accrued a massive fortune as well, and while they may not run into money problems, they face other difficulties on the show. In the series, we see Cherie give birth to the couple's second child, which is a bit unusual in Chinese culture, where it's expected to get married first before having children. Each of those kids (and any more they might have in the future) are pretty much set for life, considering Cherie and Jessey are the second richest individuals on Bling Empire behind Anna Shay. 

Spoilers for Bling Empire season 1 ahead!

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee have a combined net worth of $200 million

In the Netflix show's second episode, we get a bit of backstory around Cherie. She states how she initially wanted to pursue a music career and was even signed to Sony Music in Japan several years ago. If you go back far enough on her Instagram, then you can even see some photos of her in the recording studio. However, as she puts it, her mother put the kibosh on her pop star dreams before she could release any music. 

That doesn't mean she's left high and dry when it comes to amassing a fortune. As is the case with many of the people on Bling Empire, she's an heiress with her uncle presently running a massive denim empire, which is where she gets much of her money (via The Cinemaholic). Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Jessey, also comes from a wealthy family, one who owns a furniture company, and he's being groomed to one day take it over and make even more money. The Cinemaholic goes on to estimate that the couple have a combined net worth of approximately $200 million. It's a major step-up from some of the other cast members like Kevin Kreider, who only has a "paltry" net worth of $10 million. That's not even enough money to purchase a Formula One racing car (via Life Beyond Sport). 

When you have $200 million in your bank account, you should be able to buy your girlfriend a nice engagement ring, and Jessey's lack of popping the question is a major source of contention throughout the season. Luckily, Cherie takes matters into her own hands, and asks him to marry her — and he naturally says, "Yes." 

Hopefully, the two have a very fruitful, prosperous union.