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Zack Snyder Confirms A Big Change For His Justice League Release

2020 consisted of 12 months that defied expectations. It's the year that brought us a global pandemic and literal murder hornets. Then, just when you thought things couldn't get stranger, Zack Snyder fans got the best news about his Justice League movie: The legendary Snyder Cut was — in fact — real, and would debut on HBO Max in 2021. 

The original film had a famously fraught path to the big screen. After Zack Snyder had to step down from the director's chair to attend to a personal tragedy, Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon to finish the film. This shift created some ... changes in the theatrical cut of the superhero team-up film. So how much of Justice League was actually directed by Zack Snyder? Apparently, about 20 minutes of footage shot by Snyder ended up in the finished product, resulting in a movie that was tonally inconsistent and overall viewed as a mess by audiences and critics alike

However, there's reason on the horizon for DC Comics fans to be excited now that Snyder has the chance to finally bring his vision to audiences. With a March 2021 release date rapidly approaching, fans who have been asking for the Snyder Cut will soon get the chance to indulge, and while the project was initially announced to be a four-part miniseries consisting of four hour-long episodes, there's been a big change-up in how this project is going to be presented.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will be a single four hour-long movie, not a miniseries

Anyone who wants to stay in the loop with all things Zack Snyder really needs an account on the Vero app. Many of the updates we've gotten over the last few months concerning details of the director's cut of Justice League came from Snyder posting there, and now we have confirmation of a huge change-up that sounds as though it will make the forthcoming version more in line with Snyder's original vision. 

A post from Vero was later uploaded to Twitter in which a fan asks Snyder, "So is [Justice League] still a series or a one shot watch of a movie?" Snyder then responds, "One shot." 


It's unclear why the Snyder Cut went from being a movie to a miniseries and back to being a movie, but it ultimately makes sense. It's unlikely Snyder structured his film in such a way that you could evenly divide the story into four "episodes" that separately make for good individual pieces of television. Justice League was always meant to be a long-form theatrical experience, and while it may be launching on HBO Max, it's still a feature film.

Someone else then asks Snyder on Vero, "So [it's] 4 hrs with credits or without credits?" Snyder plainly replies, "Without." That means there's four whole hours of watching Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the team take on Darkseid and his forces of doom. Luckily, since people can watch it at home, they can easily pause the movie to go to the bathroom or get more snacks. You're probably going to need one or the other to get through Zack Snyder's (likely) final outing in the DC universe, since Snyder thinks DC won't work with him after the Snyder Cut. What a way to go out, though.