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What Satan In The Match.com Commercial Looks Like In Real Life

Satan met his soulmate in the form of 2020 in Match.com's end of the year ad from Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort production company, and gave everyone a much-needed laugh in the process. Since then, the internet has been buzzing about who brought the besotted Dark Prince to life in the commercial, and thanks to Distractify, we finally have an answer.

Actor and bodybuilder Aaron Reed is the man behind all of that red makeup, and he clearly has a knack for playing the role. After Satan and 2020 found love around a literal dumpster fire in the first ad, the happy couple returned for a followup to give their fans an update on how their relationship is going.

Reed posted the second ad on his Instagram, and in it, Satan shares what makes 2020 the one for him. "Most of the years I've dated before are... I don't know, a little straightforward. I mean there's a little misery, but there's nothing truly soul-crushing about them," he says.

Thanks to the commercial's tongue-in-cheek humor and dark wit, it became an instant hit, and made Reed's star rise in the process. Still, the question on everyone's mind remains, what does the actor look like when he's not sporting horns?

What does Satan in the Match.com commercial really look like?

In reality, Reed isn't nearly as menacing as he appears in the Match.com ad, but he is a striking figure thanks to his height. According to his Instagram bio, he's thought to be the world's tallest bodybuilder, standing at an impressive 6' 7”, and weighing 315 lbs. — and just in case you were wondering, those muscles? All real.

Prior to achieving internet fame for playing Satan, Reed signed a deal with WWE in 2009, where he wrestled under the stage name Lift Sawyer. He's also won several body-building competitions, and spends much of his time traveling the world and meeting with fans. Additionally, he's also a cancer survivor, who wrote a book about his personal nutrition regime called The SuperNatural Lifestyle. And if you're into fitness videos, he has his own YouTube channel called Tall Guy Training.

As if that wasn't more than enough to keep him busy, Reed has also been working to establish himself as an actor in recent years. Prior to his Match.com ad, he appeared in episodes of Jane the Virgin, NCIS: Los Angeles, and French Connection. Later this year, moviegoers will see the actor in another Reynolds' project, the movie Free Guy, in which he plays a character known as "Dude."

It seems that even though 2020 was a monster of a year for most of the world, it was a landmark one for Reed — and 2021 is off to a pretty good start for the up-and-coming actor, too.