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The Wildest Fan Theories About WandaVision

"We are an unusual couple, you know?" So remarks Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in the trailer for the MCU's highly anticipated Disney+ series WandaVision. In all honestly, "an unusual couple" might be understating just how odd the relationship between Wanda and her synthezoid lover Vision (Paul Bettany) actually is. The pair have a long and complicated romantic history in comics lore, and their respective onscreen counterparts are just as weird: She's a HYDRA experiment who wields mysterious magic and he's a robot who wears sweaters.

Although rumors about the show started circulating as far back as early 2019, the series is still quite a big question mark even for the most obsessive MCU fanatics. Disney and Marvel have remained tight-lipped (amazing what you can keep quiet when Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland aren't involved), and the trailers, which seemingly pay homage to classic television shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and Roseanne, only made things more unclear. This might actually be the most mysterious MCU property to date, but is that going to stop fans from theorizing what's going to happen? No way.

In fact, all of the unknowns have only made WandaVision's fan theories more abundant. One can easily lose a few hours surfing message boards and Reddit posts, reading predictions ranging from laugh-out-loud ridiculous to totally plausible. Here are some of the wildest, weirdest, and witchiest fan theories about WandaVision.

Wanda's traveling the multiverse

During Avengers: Endgame, Professor Hulk and the team managed to reverse the effects of Thanos' snap, restoring to life the half of the universe he'd wiped out after successfully completing his quest to gather the Infinity Stones. However, one notable exception was Vision, who was killed prior to the snap and was not among the heroes who returned to defeat Thanos once and for all. Although Wanda certainly got some highly satisfying revenge on Thanos for destroying Vision in Infinity War, it's obvious that she still misses him deeply.

One popular theory that's made the rounds on Reddit is that a grieving Wanda will use her chaos magic to access the multiverse, inserting herself into realities where Vision is still alive. Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic theorizes that Wanda will remove the alternate version of herself and try to live in that dimension, but her presence will always have ramifications on each timeline. "Like the movie Groundhog Day, she plays out the same events hoping that this is the universe where she and Vision can be together. Each episode, we would see the same series of events but set in a different universe... And though the circumstances may change, it always ends in disaster. Her meddling in a universe that she shouldn't be in causes ripples that end with Wanda having to leave, only to start the cycle again." Perhaps every different "TV show" represents a different reality.

Twins, Basil!

WandaVision's trailers feature tons of thought-provoking images and potential Easter eggs for sharp-eyed Marvel fans, ranging from conspicuously labeled wine bottles to interesting newspaper headlines. Perhaps the most significant shot, however, is the one that shows Wanda and Vision holding babies — presumably their own.

Fans of the comics know that these children will most likely grow to become Wiccan and Speed, the reincarnated twins of Vision and Scarlet Witch. Created by Jim Cheung and Allan Heinberg, these young heroes, who also go by Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, were core members of the Young Avengers, a super-team consisting of second-generation superheroes such as Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop. Billy is gifted with a magical skillset similar to his mother's, whereas Tommy is a super-speedster like his uncle Quicksilver.

Some fans believe that these characters are going to have a larger role in future of the MCU as it moves into Phase 4 and beyond, especially when considering the theory that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will introduce the Young Avengers in some way. Could WandaVision mark the beginning of a new generation of Marvel heroes?

Ultron returns

So how exactly is Vision back among the living in WandaVision? This is a huge question that the series will most likely answer early on, given that Vision is presumably a major part of the show. Some fans believe that it will be Wanda who finds a way to bring her lover back to life, either by utilizing her chaos magic or by traversing the multiverse. What if, perhaps, Vision isn't the only one she brings back into the fray?

While the MCU's version of Vision is obviously closely linked to Wanda, there is another character who he arguably shares an even stronger bond with: Ultron, his creator. In 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, part of Ultron's nefarious plan includes his attempt to create the Vision in his image. Although Tony Stark and the Avengers manage to thwart those efforts, Vision and Ultron are still deeply linked, in the MCU as well as the comics.

Perhaps WandaVision will draw some inspiration from 2001's The Ultron Imperative comics arc, wherein the Avengers discover that Ultron's creations contain a secret programming directive to rebuild him. Fans have been speculating for years that Ultron will return to the MCU. Could it finally become a reality in WandaVision?

It's all in your head

In the Marvel Universe, being a superhero means resigning yourself to an existence filled with sacrifice and tragedy, but even in that context, few MCU heroes have experienced more personal loss than Wanda Maximoff. If you really look at her origin, you realize that her parents died, her brother died, her country died, her lover died, and then she herself even died — albeit temporarily — in Thanos' snap. All this loss has to take a toll on her mental state, right?

In a popular notion that's picked up steam on the internet, Murphy's Multiverse theorizes that a good portion of WandaVision will take place within Wanda's own mind due to her inability to recognize what's real and what's not. Perhaps this is why the show will utilize different sitcom filters to display Wanda's changing perceptions, and why Vision still seemingly has the mind stone in his head.

The real question about this theory is what happens when Wanda gets out. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch has occasionally been extremely unstable, which, given her off-the-charts power levels, can be a major problem for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Should WandaVision follow in those footsteps, there's a chance that the events of the show could result in Wanda becoming a threat to humankind.

The wrong Quicksilver

The Scarlet Witch's introduction to the MCU came alongside her brother, super-speedster Pietro a.k.a. Quicksilver, played by Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Perhaps fittingly, Pietro exited the MCU almost as quickly as he came, ultimately sacrificing himself to save Hawkeye during Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, as any Marvel fan could tell you, death isn't always permanent when it comes to comic books.

Keeping that in mind, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Quicksilver finds his way back into the MCU, and if it were to happen, it only makes sense that Wanda would be the one behind his return. But what if the Pietro she resurrects is not the Pietro she intended to bring back?

In June of 2020, Murphy's Multiverse reported that longtime American Horror Story alum Evan Peters, who also played Quicksilver in three of Fox's X-Men films, had landed a significant role in WandaVision. This casting set the internet ablaze with predictions that Peters would bridge the gap between the MCU and Fox's X-Men franchise. Perhaps Wanda, realizing the full extent of her powers, finds a way to peruse the multiverse in search of her brother and inadvertently plucks a different Pietro from another reality. It'd be a very meta move, but MCU chief Kevin Feige is no stranger to taking risks, despite what Martin Scorsese might argue.

A devilish foe

While it would certainly be cool to see Evan Peters reprise Fox's version of Quicksilver in the MCU, there's actually another character that it might make sense for him to play: Mephisto. In the comics, Mephisto is a shape-shifting demon who has been a thorn in the Avengers' sides on numerous occasions over the years. Essentially a representation of Satan, Mephisto makes slippery deals with living beings that almost always end up tormenting them. Perhaps it's through his intervention that Wanda is allowed to live with the deceased Vision again.

Some fans believe that a desperate and grief-stricken Wanda will end up making a deal with Mephisto in WandaVision. As Redditor u/drstrangelove75 theorizes, perhaps Mephisto grants her a peaceful life with Vision in exchange for her memory, which is why she can't remember anything about her past. "Basically Wanda makes a deal with Mephisto to bring Vision back, but at the cost of being trapped in a different reality with no recollection. However, she realizes that she has the ability to manipulate the world, causing her to find out the truth." If WandaVision does in fact introduce Mephisto, perhaps Phase 4 of the MCU could see him acting as the big bad in the next Avengers movie.

SWORD is behind the curtain

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany aren't the only MCU veterans returning for WandaVision. It's been confirmed that both Randall Park's Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis will pop up in the show, although it remains to be seen how much screen time they will be given. If you're a gambler, you'd be wise to bet your money on the idea that Woo and Lewis are both now working for SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department), a planetary defense organization that helps protect Earth.

Some fans believe that SWORD shows up in Westview after Wanda's alternate reality takes over, perhaps resulting in some kind of dimensional dome that forms over the town. However, what if SWORD is the first team on the scene because they were actually the ones who caused the issue in the first place?

It's no secret that Wanda is perhaps the most powerful being on the Avengers roster, but she's also made an unfortunate reputation out of showcasing how dangerous she can be. In Age of Ultron, she was capable of brainwashing all of the Avengers, even causing Hulk to basically destroy Johannesburg. Later, she accidentally allowed a bomb to detonate in Lagos, killing many innocent bystanders and kicking off the events of Civil War. Given her history, Wanda might be considered a threat to society by the government. Perhaps SWORD will find a way to keep Wanda trapped in a prison of deception, à la The Truman Show, and this will be where WandaVision takes place.

No, MORE mutants!

In the comics, Wanda has a checkered past. While she has undoubtedly experienced her share of heroic moments, she is perhaps most known for her failures — and one in particular: the decimation of 986,618 mutants in the Marvel Universe. 

In 2005's House of M storyline event, the Scarlet Witch's powers became dangerously erratic, resulting in her accidentally killing fellow heroes like Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and even Vision. After the Avengers and X-Men came together to try and get her back under control, Wanda first created a reality wherein mutants were the dominant species, and then reversed it by simply muttering "No more mutants." Although many mutants eventually found ways to regain their powers, Wanda was permanently excommunicated by the X-Men and mutantkind for what she'd done.

In a blink-and-you-miss-it shot in WandaVision's trailer, you can make out a wine bottle displaying the label "Maison du Mépris," which is French for "House of Misery" — or, if shortened, "House of M." This image set the internet on fire with the idea that WandaVision could possibly draw inspiration from the House of M storyline. Since there are no mutants currently in the MCU, however, a popular theory is that Wanda will actually be responsible for creating mutants in the universe — perhaps even by saying "No, MORE mutants." It's amazing the difference a comma can make.

Wanda creates Spectrum

In 2019's Captain Marvel, Akira Akbar played young Monica Rambeau, the spunky daughter of Carol Danvers' old wingwoman Maria Rambeau. It sounds like young Monica is now all grown up and looking to make waves in the MCU, this time portrayed by If Beale Street Could Talk star Teyonah Parris. However, just how she fits into WandaVision's plot still remains to be seen.

Monica Rambeau actually has an extremely significant history in Marvel comics, so her MCU presence definitely isn't something viewers should take lightly. She was the first female to take on the mantle of Captain Marvel, the first African-American woman to officially join the Avengers, and one of the strongest heroes in the entire Marvel universe. With her confirmed inclusion in the highly anticipated Captain Marvel sequel, it seems likely that Parris' Rambeau will be around for a while. But how exactly will she get her powers?

WandaVision's trailer contains a glimpse of Monica being knocked backwards through what appears to be some form of dimensional portal. Some fans are speculating that Rambeau could perhaps be working for Nick Fury or S.W.O.R.D. in order to help contain Wanda in an alternate reality, and once Wanda catches on, she knocks Monica back into the real world, inadvertently granting her energy-manipulating superpowers in the process. This could be an appropriate origin story for how Rambeau becomes Spectrum.

Agnes serves a dark master

One thing that all of WandaVision's trailers have emphasized is that Kathryn Hahn's character, Agnes, is going to play a large role in the series. But who exactly is the Bad Moms star playing? Many fans have determined that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, who, in the comics, is an experienced witch who helped mentor Wanda in the ways of true magic.

While Harkness has mainly served as a mystical ally to Earth's defenders on the page, some fans are theorizing that WandaVision will flip the script on the old witch's morals. As Redditor u/EeveeLady posits, perhaps Agatha is actually the one responsible for keeping Wanda in her false reality. "But even more so, that part [in the trailer] where the SWORD agents ask her [Wanda] 'who is doing this to you?' leads directly to Agnes laughing wickedly." Why would she be doing this? Perhaps she's working for Mephisto, or any number of evildoers who could benefit from Wanda losing her mind. A nosy neighbor can be a real witch sometimes.

A Nightmare of a villain

Another popular fan theory about WandaVision involves Nightmare, the Fear Lord of Marvel's terrifying nightmare dimension. Nightmare is a real force to be reckoned with because he can capture sleeping peoples' astral forms and torment them in his realm, which he has done to several heroes in various comics arcs. In late 2019, Murphy's Multiverse reported a rumor that Nightmare had been cast and would be the main villain of WandaVision.

This would be an especially interesting twist because of how it might potentially tie into the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will also reportedly feature Wanda. In 2016, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson dished with IGN about what he'd like to see in a sequel for Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. "I really like the character of Nightmare and the concept that the Nightmare Realm is a dimension," he explained. "I think that's in the introductory episode of Doctor Strange, and I always loved that." Perhaps Nightmare is responsible for holding Wanda in a "dreamlike" reality where she can be with Vision, and when she eventually realizes what's going on, she requires help from Doctor Strange.