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This Is Why Deadpool Had A Picture Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Deadpool 2

As of this writing, Deadpool 2's premiere is over two years past, and the film miraculously continues to stay relevant in a world oversaturated by superhero features. Its side-splitting humor that breaks the fourth wall without apology, gripping and visually interesting action, and surprisingly heartwarming character story help it stand out as a favorite among fans. Additionally, the Merc with a Mouth's second big-screen outing (third if you count the butchering of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is rife with celebrity cameos that range from the obvious to the far more subtle.

Some of the more notable of the bunch include Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews as the mutant Bedlam, comedian Rob Delaney as the powerless team player Peter, and even Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood star Brad Pitt as Vanisher. However, an often overlooked guest spot actually came from the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — a former associate justice on the United States Supreme Court who sadly passed away in September of 2020. While she didn't show up on screen in the flesh, a photograph of her made a prominent appearance in Deadpool's HR stack. Here's how "The Notorious R.B.G." made her Marvel movie debut in Deadpool 2.

The Notorious R.B.G. is definitely X-Force material

A central plot point of Deadpool 2 is the titular mercenary's pursuit of vengeance for the death of his fiancé, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). This entails him defending Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) from the time-traveling Cable (Josh Brolin), who wants to kill him for destroying the future he came from. Traditionally only a gun for hire, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is severely out of his element here, so he plans to assemble a group to help him that comic fans recognize well: the X-Force.

He hosted a series of auditions for those interested in joining his ensemble to prove their worth. Even though quite a few people replied to Wade's ad, he already had a handful of folks in mind to join the faction — one being Ginsburg herself, who Deadpool keeps a headshot of in his stack of potential candidates. This was recently pointed out in a Reddit thread by u/ScoonCatJenkins, and it sounds like many felt she would've made a strong addition to the iconic team.

"She was too hardcore to be in X-Force!" said u/codevii, to which another user, u/rbmk1, replied, "Notorious RBG was a Captain America not a f****** Hawkeye," citing their support of her leadership skills and can-do attitude. Fellow Redditor u/fierewallll also wrote "She would have landed her parachute," referring to a later scene in Deadpool 2 where the assembled X-Force team parachute into action ... only for most of them to die gruesomely in some fashion or another. According to them, R.B.G. would've made contact with the ground gracefully and ready to roll.

Given how many spots on the X-Force have opened up, it would've been fun to see the late Supreme Court justice hit the big screen in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Sadly, such a scene will never be, and we doubt anyone else on the Court would be able to pass Deadpool's rigorous requirements.