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The Time-Traveling Christmas Comedy That's Killing It On Netflix

Netflix is more than prepared for the holiday season with a slew of Christmas-themed films coming your way in December. Now, as you decorate the house for the arrival of Santa Claus, you can turn on everything from Holidateto The Christmas Chronicles 2for a constant reminder of the Christmas joy that's all around us during this time of year. 

There's only a few more weeks to go until the big day, but Netflix isn't letting up in the slightest. One of the service's most recent offerings, Just Another Christmas, is already making its way up the Top Ten list. The Brazilian film puts a fantastical twist on the story of a man who initially hates the holidays, and needs to learn the reason for the season. For a very different kind of Christmas film, make this your next watch. 

Important note! Just Another Christmas is rated TV-MA for profanity, so make sure the kids are tucked away to Dreamland before putting this movie on. 

What's the plot of Just Another Christmas?

The year is 2010. A man named Jorge (Leandro Hassum) hates Christmas because his birthday just so happens to fall on the same day. For the entire day, he's a big grump about the entire proceedings, but he still dresses up like Santa to appear on the roof while the kids are outside. While up there, Jorge accidentally falls off, knocking himself unconscious when he hits the ground. 

He wakes up the next day, but something strange has happened. It's now Christmas Eve in 2011. Things are slightly different one year later with Jorge having gotten a promotion as well as a new car, but he doesn't have any memories of the prior year. When he goes to sleep that night, he wakes up on Christmas Eve 2012, and again, he can't remember anything that happened this last year. 

He realizes he's in a time loop, and with each subsequent year, things begin to change more rapidly. From having an affair to learning his daughter has terminal breast cancer, life starts flying past Jorge, who just wants to go back to the way things were so that he can appreciate the time he spends with his family. 

The movie also stars Elisa Pinheiro as Laura, Danielle Winits as Márcia, Rodrigo Fagundes as Luiz, and Louise Cardoso as Teodora. 

Should you watch Just Another Christmas?

Christmas movies are typically associated with romantic-comedies where you have two pretty people falling in love around the holidays. Just Another Christmas is a bit of a novelty in how it takes similar plot devices from movies like Click, and one of Bill Murray's best moviesGroundhog Day, and merges them into an intriguing offering about how life goes by fast, so you should enjoy the short time you have with your loved ones while you have the chance. 

While the film's definitely a comedy, it's highly recommended to have a box of tissues handy. It gets emotional toward the end, and the waterworks will definitely start when you reach the movie's climax. 

There's an English dub version of the film, so as long as you don't mind the people's mouths not quite exactly matching up with the words, it's a suitable way to watch this. Otherwise, you can also watch it in its native Portuguese with English subtitles. Just Another Christmas is now available for viewing on Netflix, to put you in the Christmas spirit.