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The Ozark Fan Theory That Spells Bad News For Wyatt

As Netflix's pulse-pounding crime drama Ozark moves toward what will likely be a blood-spattered final season, there's a very real possibility that none of the main characters will survive the carnage ahead. If the series has taught us anything over the course of it first three seasons, it's that anyone can meet their end at any given moment. 

With Marty and Wendy Byrde's (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) alliance with Cartel Boss Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) now sealed in blood, Ruth (Julia Garner) and Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) Langmore going all in with the crazy heroin queenpin Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), and Darlene having worked out a tenuous deal with Kansas City Mob boss Frank Cosgrove (John Bedfored Lloyd), the pieces certainly seem to be in place for an all out war at the Lake of the Ozarks.

With so many dangerous pieces on the board, it truly is more a matter of when rather than if some of them are taken out of play. Of the many targets going into season 4, none seem more at risk than Wyatt Langmore. 

That's largely because he spent the entirety of Ozark's third season getting into bed (figuratively and literally) with Darlene Snell, and things haven't gone particularly well for most of the folks who've made a similar move. As he still has his sights set on bringing Marty Byrde down, a certain sect of Ozark fandom can't help but wonder if the bookish lad isn't likely to end up with a target on both his front and his back.

In fact, Ozark fandom is already spinning theories about Wyatt's demise, with one Redditor believing a Byrde will eventually kill him.

Ozark fans think the future isn't particularly bright for young Wyatt

That theory took form in a brief Reddit thread that began innocently enough by asking how fans think Ruth and Wyatt will fare in season 4 of Ozark

User Elsubmarinero quickly kicked conspiracy time into gear by posting, "With the recurring theme of family killing family in this show, I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of killing happens within the Langmores. I'm expecting it more within the Byrdes though, as Jonah has yet to claim his first kill."

That "family killing family" observation is particularly astute, especially as it pertains to the Langmores and the increasingly dangerous Jonah Byrde (Skyler Gaertner), but TheInternetIsScary44 offered an equally intriguing alternative, "Ruth kills Darlene and a Byrde kills Wyatt before he sells them out to the cops, book it." That's an entirely plausible course of events too, as the whole Ruth and Darlene alliance seems shaky at best, and Wyatt still has it in for the Byrde clan.

From there danielmc4400 posed the obvious follow-up question: "Which Byrde though?" before adding, "it only makes sense if it's Wendy or Jonah, Marty and especially Charlotte won't kill Wyatt."

It's hard to argue with this logic. Marty and Charlotte don't want to hurt Wyatt, though wants may ultimately prove irrelevant if Wyatt comes at the Byrdes head on. As for Wendy and Jonah, well, Wendy has proven herself more than capable of making a tough decision like that, and at this point Jonah seems primed to kill anyone who crosses his path. So yeah, Wyatt may well want to avoid them both in the coming season of Ozark.