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The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again Trailer Has Everyone Talking

Netflix hasn't been sluggish when it comes to cranking out Christmas content. While the streaming service boasts plenty of movies that have the holiday spirit, few have caught on like its 2018 original The Princess Switch.

The film stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy, a baker who operates a successful shop in Chicago. She works alongside her friend Kevin (Nick Sagar), who just got accepted into a prestigious baking tournament in Belgravia. Once she's there, she comes across the Duchess of Montenaro, Margaret Delacourt, also played by Hudgens. The two are exact doppelgängers of one another, and in a plot reminiscent of The Prince and the Pauper, the two decide to switch lives.

Spoiler Alert: They both end up falling in love with each other's beaus, and they end the movie permanently switched. Naturally, we had to know what happens next in this saga, and Netflix seems more than happy to oblige. The streamer just dropped a trailer for the sequel, which sees Stacy and Margaret back together again, and this time, there's a third lookalike in the mix! By the looks of it, fans are ecstatic to see another feel-good holiday tale with ample doppelgänger shenanigans. 

Fans of the first Princess Switch movie are hyped for the sequel

November has already provided plenty of new offerings on Netflix, and the good times will keep on rolling once The Princess Switch: Switched Again comes out on November 19th, 2020. It may only be a couple of weeks away, but fans are already going on social media to express their excitement for the upcoming rom-com sequel. 

A lot of the attention seems to be on the fact there will now be three characters played by Hudgens. We're guessing many fans felt the same way as Twitter user @chloessockhop, who wrote, "Y'all the princess switch 2: switched again has a THIRD VANESSA AGDNAHFISNFJSIDBSJ IM SO EXCITED." @mostlychels insists this will be the movie event of the holiday season by declaring, "NO ONE TALK TO ME THIS IS THE ONLY CHRISTMAS MOVIE I CARE ABOUT."

While the prospect of three Hudgenses is more than enough for some fans, others have to give props to the title, such as @marth_vader who wrote, "I refuse to believe there is a better movie title than 'The Princess Switch: Switched Again.'" Can the world handle the power of three Vanessa Hudgenses in a single movie? We'll just have to wait until November 19th to find out. 

Of course, if you need your Christmas movie fix right this second, then you can check out Operation Christmas Dropwhich is already available to watch on Netflix.