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Former Teen Wolf Lead Wants To Star In Batman Beyond

When interviewing a celebrity these days, there are few questions more pertinent than "Which superhero do you want to play?" Now, another celebrity has added their voice to the unending chorus of performers hoping to land a comic book gig.

Tyler Posey is probably best known as the star of MTV's Teen Wolf reimagining, which ran on the cable network from 2011 to 2017. Since then, he's been seen On the television adaptation of Scream and Netflix's The Last Summer, and he's even dipped his toe in the superhero waters, voicing the Inhuman pyrokinetic Inferno on the Disney XD animated series Marvel Rising. Now, according to an interview with Collider, he has his sights set on a live action superhero debut, voicing his desire to hit the streets of Neo-Gotham.

"Yeah, I really wanna do Batman Beyond," Posey told Collider. "There was a cartoon, years ago, called Batman Beyond, and I really wanna adapt that into a TV show. I wanna do that so bad. I think it would be a really cool spin on a younger Batman. I know Rob Pattinson is doing the new one right now and he's younger but not as young as me. I think it would be cool to do a take on old Batman being this mentor to a younger Batman."

Could Tyler Posey be the next Batman?

Originally airing from 1999 to 2001, Batman Beyond was Warner Bros. and DC's continuation of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Set in the far-off future of 2039, it tells the story of teenager Terry McGinnis taking up the mantle of the Bat some 20 years after Bruce Wayne's retirement, with Wayne serving as the young man's mentor. The show was preemptively met with skepticism from fans, but found a loyal audience and critical acclaim upon its premiere, and is often considered one of the best superhero shows of the '90s. Since then, variations on the McGinnis Batman have popped up in other DC animation productions, video games, and comic books.

Batman Beyond has been a popular candidate for the live action treatment for years. During the Dark Knight's awkward onscreen phase between Batman & Robin and the Christopher Nolan trilogy, a big screen adaptation was in the early phases of production before being scrapped in favor of Batman Begins. At present, the general concept of a live action Batman Beyond seems to be in the air, as Michael Keaton's recently confirmed return to the Batman role has fans speculating that an adaptation might be in the works.

Tyler Posey, meanwhile, appears to be keeping busy while he waits for a call on the Batphone. His latest gig, the horror film Alone featuring Summer Spiro and Donald Sutherland, was released on video on demand on October 16.