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Lucas Bravo's Emily In Paris Audition Story Makes Us Love Him Even More

If you've watched Netflix's buzzy new series Emily in Paris, you're probably already in love with her gorgeous neighbor, Gabriel... and if you are, you'll love the French actor behind the role, Lucas Bravo, even more.

The story of a plucky Midwestern girl plucked from her hometown of Chicago for a once in a lifetime job opportunity in the City of Lights, Emily in Paris stars ingenue Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, who must adjust to her new French lifestyle at the drop of a hat. Created by Darren Star — best known for Sex and the City and YoungerEmily in Paris is a fizzy, fantastical love letter to Paris, showing viewers the dreamiest possible version of life in this vibrant, famously romantic city.

Naturally, right off the bat, Emily meets her cute downstairs neighbor Gabriel, who happens to be a local chef and also happens to be extraordinarily handsome (and proficient in English). Audiences were struck by the character right away, making Bravo a brand new name to watch, and if you didn't love him enough already, the way he snagged his huge part is pretty adorable. Here's the story behind Lucas Bravo's audition for Emily in Paris, which will make you love him even more.

Lucas Bravo's audition for Emily in Paris took a strange, hilarious turn

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bravo opened up about his awkward audition, where he was... a little distracted.

As Bravo told EW, he went on vacation after meeting with Star, but things progressed more quickly than he anticipated. "It's a simple story," Bravo said. "We had the entire month of July last year, going back and forth, meeting with Darren, and getting back into the room. Then I went on vacation expecting an answer and they called me back right when I was on top of a mountain, with a shepherd, just trying to avoid civilization. I had some more meetings with Darren and Lily, the producers at Paramount, and the director for block one. That's how it started."

Then, during the audition, Bravo's brain was still in the mountains. As a result, he went on a pretty funny tangent: "I got into this room after coming back from the mountain and there were like six or seven people, Lily arrived a little later and I wasn't nervous because I'd come back from the wild so I was filled with sun and nice rest but I was kind of intimidated."

"I wanted to say something smart and basically when you want to say something smart you end up doing what I did, which is I talked about making goat cheese with a shepherd for like 30 minutes," Bravo recalled. "So when I left the room, I just stood there for maybe 30 seconds telling myself, 'Wow, you just talked about goats to everyone at Paramount and Darren and Lily.'" Despite this silly aside, he managed to score this incredibly important part.

If you haven't been introduced to Bravo just yet, Emily in Paris' first season is available on Netflix now.