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American Horror Story's Myrtle Snow Looks Almost Exactly Like Her Inspiration

American Horror Story has been around for nine seasons at this point. It's a show that takes a cast and throws them into different roles under a different theme for each season, but one quality prevails: Horror.

The character Myrtle Snow was introduced in American Horror Story: Coven and was a big influence on the story. Coven revolved around a group of witches, each possessed of fairly unique powers, caught in a power struggle with "Supreme" witch Fiona Goode, played by Jessica Lange. Myrtle was an outspoken member of the witches' council who had a tendency to call out Fiona for her wrongdoings. She was played by award-winning actress Frances Conroy, who's been with the show since 2011. Conroy has acted in nearly 100 productions, according to her IMDb page, proving that she has a broad range of skills to bring to the American Horror Story franchise. One of those skills is, apparently, making her characters look exactly like their inspiration.

Is that Grace Coddington?

Myrtle was the shadow hero of American Horror Story: Coven. The storyline arguably couldn't have progressed or wrapped up without Myrtle, since she prodded Cordelia into testing her powers, which led to her realizing she was the "supreme." The character is also rather snarky and makes insulting comments about characters' wardrobes in the face of danger. Well, her fashion sense has roots in the real world. The character Myrtle Snow is based on none other than Vogue fashionista Grace Coddington. The long, poofy red hair should've given this away, but there's a chance you don't know who Coddington is. Coddington is a former model and former fashion director for American Vogue. Long story short, she's a big deal in the fashion world.

Conroy admitted to HuffPost that she didn't really know who the character Myrtle Snow was when they started filming Coven and was learning about her as the show progressed. Myrtle's blazing red hair is spot-on Coddington. The character's wardrobe, likewise, is that of someone who's been more than exposed to high fashion. The sound and personality, on the other hand, don't actually come from Coddington at all. Those parts of the character were an homage to another big name in the fashion industry, Diana Vreeland. Conroy studied a documentary on Vreeland to make sure she would get the character right. Regardless, Myrtle's look is perfectly Coddington.