Bryan Cranston Wants To Play Mister Sinister

Bryan Cranston says he'd like to play a comic book super-villain, but not one of the usual suspects.

The Breaking Bad star will appear on an episode of Kevin Smith's AMC series Geeking Out, and he told co-host Greg Grunberg that he only wants to take on a character if he can put his own spin on it.

"I'm interested in creating a role. I'd love to do something that hasn't been done before," Cranston said. "Lex Luthor, there's been a lot of that. I've been asked to take a look at [Batman's] Commissioner Gordon. It's like, I would be one in several and I would kind of like to carve out a new identity."

But there's one potential name that sits near the top of his list. "Mister Sinister has always been someone... that would be very cool," he said.

It's not the first time Cranston has brought up the X-Men arch-enemy. ScreenRant reports that he name-dropped the character during a panel at last year's BFI London Film Festival.

But Cranston's timing is either perfect or unfortunate. Just a few days ago, director Bryan Singer revealed that Mister Sinister will appear in the upcoming Wolverine 3. There's been no official word about casting, but The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that British actor Richard E. Grant has already signed on to play a mysterious "mad scientist" in the movie. And, as CinemaBlend points out, that could mean he's already set to play Mister Sinister in the MCU.

While Cranston might just be brainstorming, he is set to appear as another well-known character in a superhero-type flick. He'll play Zordon in the Power Rangers reboot, and he said the movie has similarities to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

Cranston's episode of Geeking Out premieres Sept. 18, but check out a clip above.