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Katherine Barrell Reveals Her Favorite Wynnona Earp Moment - Exclusive

Over the course of its three full seasons and the start of its fourth, Wynonna Earp has had its share of memorable moments. From season 1's Doc Holliday reveal through the Earp sisters' ups and downs and the hottest connections in the WayHaught ship, there's been plenty into which Wynonna Earp fans can sink their teeth. With the series' fourth season currently underway, there are bound to be more hits coming, but that doesn't mean it's not worth taking a moment to reflect.

For help in doing so, Looper sat down for a conversation with actress Katherine Barrell, who plays Officer Nicole Haught on the Syfy show. As an officer of the law and one half of Wynonna Earp's most-stanned romance (shared with Dominique Provost-Chalkley's Waverly Earp), Barrell's Nicole has been involved in plenty of highlights. The answer she offered as to what was her most memorable moment from the show might be surprising, however, because it's less about a particular action beat or a single reveal and more about the way the cast and crew come together to create the alchemy that has made Wynonna Earp such a success.

Wynonna Earp's family vibe made for memorable moments

According to Barrell, the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp have developed a level of chemistry that can be characterized as familial.

"The dynamic of a family is really true," she told Looper. "Because we've gotten past the initial jitters and the niceties. We've seen each other at our worst and at our best. We've watched each other in and out of relationships, having children. [...] We've just watched each other go through so much, and it develops an incredible bond. We really are bonded like a family, and it's beautiful, and it's something that you get so rarely, maybe only once or twice in your career."

It's not just about good vibes, either — this type of bond also leads to an efficient, effective production that fires on all cylinders, as Barrell shared. 

"There's nothing like the feeling when the whole group is in flow together, when everyone is just hyper-focused. We know that we need to get this done, and everyone's just ready to go, giving 120 percent," the actress said. "When it works, and most of the time it works, it's a really cool feeling because you just feel like you're moving as a unit. It's hard to explain, but it's like you transcend and you're so connected with each other that you move spontaneously, and the camera moves and steps back. There's a flow with that, and it's like this organism moving as one."

Bringing it all together for big moments on the Wynonna Earp set

Given Barrell's feelings on working with the rest of the Wynonna Earp team, it should come as no surprise that her favorite moments involve a collective effort from cast and crew. 

"One of my most memorable moments, it was the first time we'd all been together," she recalled. "At the end of season 1, we shot a party, and we were all dressed up. It feels [like] 100 years ago now, but it was the first time that we were all together on set, and that was really nice. That was a really cool feeling, just to see everybody, because there are people who you don't work with. In those groups scenes, everyone's together and the core team is together, and I always find those really fun."

Of course, it's not all cocktails and kisses, as Barrell's other selected highlight was a hair more chaotic. 

"Another memorable one for me was the scene where we're in the bar, and Mama Earp is there, and a fist fight breaks out," she told Looper. "I remember that day just being so chaotic and crazy, and we had so much to shoot. There were stunts, and there were special skills stunt performers, so those are the people that you're allowed to hit over the head with a breakaway bottle. It was just so much madness and craziness that day, and I remember it being so fun and just wacky, and everyone working together so hard to get through the day. I find for me, my most memorable moments are the big group scenes when we're all together and we're doing something that feels impossible, like getting a huge fight that really should have taken at least two days of filming in one afternoon."

You can see more of Katherine Barrell and her show family in action on Wynonna Earp, currently airing its fourth season. New episodes air on Sundays on Syfy.