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Why Alyssa From The Order Looks So Familiar

Sarah Grey landed her biggest role ever on Netflix's The Order. Across two seasons as Alyssa Drake, she's won the hearts of viewers while navigating the treacherous world of the titular secret society of magic users. 

As Drake, she plays a high-ranking initiate into the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. But there's dissent even in the upper echelons of the tight-knit group, and Grey's Drake eventually bristles against the secretive nature of the magic users and the tight grip they keep on magical knowledge. The ending of the show's second season made it unclear whether we'll ever see the Canadian actress fighting against her former friends again, but fans of Grey don't have to look far to find more of her work. 

She's hung around the genre of superhero movies and fantasy for the last several years, a serendipitous alignment for fans of The Order who wish to dive into her filmography. If you recognize Grey from outside her work on The Order, it likely came from a turn on DC's Legends of Tomorrow or the 2017 feature film Power Rangers.

Sarah Grey was Stargirl in DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season two of Legends of Tomorrow was a bit of a reboot. With the Time Masters in the rearview, the superhero team at the center of the series had to figure out a new gig. The series creators worked around this by introducing new heroes and villains, expanding the membership of the Justice Society of America.

"The interesting thing about season two is I think it's going to have a much, much different tone because our Legends are going to have a totally different purpose," show co-creator Phil Klemmer said at the time. "They're actually going to have a totally different constitution. There will be new faces and new everything."

Among those faces was Sarah Grey's Stargirl. She appeared on four episodes, becoming one point in the absolutely insane scatterplot that is the Arrowverse. Her Stargirl took down Firestorm (Victor Garber) in a battle backed by her JSA teammates before disappearing into the past to become Merlin in Camelot. She opted to stay in the past even after being offered a return trip by the Legends, as she had fallen in love with King Arthur

Sarah Grey played Amanda in the Power Rangers movie

On the big screen, Sarah Grey was at the center of the most confusing part of 2017's Power Rangers reboot. In case you didn't watch the movie, the Pink Ranger's status as a do-gooder was complicated by a revenge porn plot-line. When the Rangers all revealed troubling deep-down secrets around a campfire, Pink Ranger Kimberly reveals that she shared a nude photo of her friend Amanda with a boy they both had designs on. She shares her shame over betraying Amanda, played by Sarah Grey, but the movie still manages to make the former friend into a villain. The fact that Amanda cut Kimberly out of her life after she broke her trust is portrayed as petty, and the audience is meant to celebrate when her car is destroyed in the climactic battle. 

If you want to see Grey in a less problematic role, there's still a chance she'll return for The Order's third season. She shared in an interview with Hollywood Life that Alyssa might come back to the show on word from showrunner Dennis Heaton — but she can't say how.

"The hopeless romantic in me doesn't want to believe it's the end," she said. "He told me an idea. I did ask him, but I can't let anyone know what it is."