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Brie Larson Has Her Sights Set On Playing Samus In A Metroid Movie

Video game movies used to be a big no-no in Hollywood — look no further than 1993's universally despised Super Mario Bros. movie. As time has passed and games themselves have grown and matured, however, so have their perception in the eyes of movie studios, which are once again dipping their toes back into that particular pool. Following the success of this year's Sonic the Hedgehog film, video game movies doing well commercially and critically doesn't seem so far-fetched anymore. Studios can pull them off properly, and some real star-power involved helps add a bit of credibility.

Regardless of what those studio executives choose to do, fans will always be open and honest about which games they want to see adapted for the silver screen. That also goes for movies based on entire franchises, which are often the subjects of fan-casting and heated speculation across social media. One of the most prevalent of late is Nintendo's Metroid series. A Metroid movie hasn't yet been announced by any studio, but it's recently been the talk of Twitter.

Thanks to famed digital artist BossLogic, who took to Twitter on Saturday, July 25 to share a recent creation of his, fans got an idea of what a live-action Metroid movie could look like. More specifically, they got to see how Captain Marvel star Brie Larson would fit in the role of Samus Aran, the galactic bounty hunter extraordinaire at the center of the Metroid game franchise. While most celebrities tend to keep quiet about fan-casting, Larson didn't hesitate to drop her feelings about someday leading a video game movie.

Brie Larson tossed her hat in the ring for the Samus role

BossLogic's artwork imagining Larson as Samus is incredible on its own — offering a side-profile shot of the main character in all of her high-tech glory — but the response it got makes it all the more special. Many fans have felt Larson would be a perfect fit for the iconic helmet, and the actress agrees with that particular assessment. Only a few hours after BossLogic's tweet went out, Larson quoted-tweeted it and replied with the enthusiastic caption, "Make it happen." 

This isn't the first time Larson's name has cropped up in connection with Metroid's Samus. In November 2018, the actress posted to Instagram a photo of herself dressed up as Zero Suit Samus, sitting next to a friend of hers who was dressed up as Harry Potter. Obviously, Larson simply went as the Metroid character for Halloween in 2018, but many fans began picturing what it would be like for a Metroid movie to come to fruition with Larson in the leading role. When Twitter user @SimonHernandez pondered in a post at the time, "@brielarson dressing up as Samus Aran for Halloween is as close as we're going to get to a Metroid movie, isn't it?", Larson quickly responded. "I hope not. I want to make that movie," she wrote.

Should a Metroid movie ever come along, casting Larson as Samus would be a pretty awesome move. The Oscar-winning actress has proven not only that she can handle dramatic, character-driven work, but also that she's got a knack for handling sci-fi action as well. Her varied filmography — ranging from Captain Marvel to Just Mercy to Room to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to Kong: Skull Island to Avengers: Endgame and more – makes Larson a solid contender to do Samus justice on the big screen. If the day ever comes, Larson may very well be the top name to lead a Metroid movie.