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Cursed Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Cursed season 1 enjoyed a comfortable stint on Netflix's top ten list after its July 2020 debut, and fans are already wondering just what the plan is for a second round of the stylish Arthurian drama.

The first season ran for ten episodes, and boy were they eventful. The medieval fantasy introduced us to a barely recognizable cast of Arthurian mainstays in a magical world adapted from The Dark Knight Returns scribe Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler's graphic novel of the same name. The characters from Cursed certainly seem familiar at first glance. There's the magic-wielding Nimue (Katherine Langford), the earnest and handsome Arthur (Devon Terrell), the skillful Lancelot (Daniel Sharman), the cruel King Uther (Sebastian Armesto) — we even get an interestingly debauched take on the classic sorcerer Merlin, played by Vikings' Gustaf Skarsgård. Upon closer inspection, however, nothing is what you might expect after a close reading of The Once and Future King. Miller and Wheeler have scrambled the classic myths with enough vigor to give any true Arthurian scholar a stroke. The story that emerged from their creative blender onto the pages of Cursed was then adapted by Wheeler and the TV writing team for Netflix, resulting in a kind of second-degree disfigurement.

That's not to say that Cursed isn't compelling TV. The production values are high, and the charismatic young cast pulls together a few incredible performances. As expected, Skarsgård's Merlin is an absolute scene-stealer. Add Miller and Wheeler's considerably storytelling chops to the mix, and you've got a pretty heady brew. You just probably shouldn't go into season 1 expecting a 2020 rehash of The Sword in the Stone.

Even though Netflix has yet to make any official announcement, it seems an almost foregone conclusion that Cursed will return for season 2. Here's everything we know so far.

When is the release date of Cursed season 2?

Considering season 1 only premiered on July 17, the fact that a second season has officially been ordered shouldn't be any cause for concern. Although Netflix does not release viewer data, all indicators point to Cursed performing admirably in its first week of release. Considering the first season didn't quite exhaust its source material — and the fact that the final episode left us with a bunch of cliffhangers – the creative team was certainly planning to come back for more.

All the principal cast members seem to agree that there's quite a bit of story left to tell. Devon Terrell told Elle Magazine, "I didn't want to create a performance that sat on the fence. I wanted to pick a direction, which moments I made [Arthur] vulnerable, which moments I made him feel like he's becoming a leader. And it's the beginning of a really long journey."

That certainly doesn't sound like a one and done kind of situation. As soon as Netflix greenlights another set of episodes, we'll be sure to report on it.

Who is in the cast of Cursed season 2?

The good news is, the end of season 1 set up a bunch of interesting stories for almost all of the central characters, so we're likely to be seeing a lot of familiar faces in season 2. There's even reason to believe that the fallen Green Knight, played by Matt Stokoe, may be resurrected by magical means. The power of resurrection would be canonical for his character, after all.

Sure to return are Katherine Langford and Devon Terrell in the lead roles of Nimue and Arthur. In addition, we're likely to see much more of Gustaf Skarsgård's Merlin, Daniel Sharman's Weeping Monk a.k.a. Lancelot, Sebastian Armesto's Uther Pendragon, Lily Newmark's Pym, and Billy Jenkins Squirrel (revealed at the end of season 1 to be none other than future Knight of the Round Table, Perceval).

One actor we may not see in season 2 is Peter Mullan, whose character, the cruel Father Carden, was unceremoniously dispatched on the season 1 finale. Since he lacks the Green Knight's regenerative abilities, any Father Carden sighting during season 2 would have to come via some kind of flashback or vision — certainly not out of the question on this series.

What is the plot of Cursed season 2?

Needless to say, plot details for season 2 are pretty scarce since Netflix hasn't even greenlit the series to go back into production. If the order is forthcoming, as we predict, then we'll have to wait for Wheeler to reassemble his forces and figure out a way back into the tale. Considering the suspenseful ending of season 1, he undoubtedly already has an inkling.

The final episode of season 1 left a lot of open questions. If Cursed season 2 doesn't pick up quickly with a resolution to Nimue's arrow-riddled tumble from that bridge, then fans are going to be justifiably frustrated. Season 1 follows the graphic novel pretty dutifully for a screen adaptation. The moment of Nimue's plunge into the waterfall that ended season 1 is ripped straight from the pages of the source material (via Bustle). In the book, Nimue is subsequently kidnapped by lepers who work for the Leper King Rugen. They drag Nimue's body into their dank leper tunnels, and that's where Cursed the novel ends — just as abruptly as Cursed season 1.

Perhaps the leper resolution is forthcoming early in the plot of season 2, but fans hoping to mine Miller and Wheeler's graphic novel for any additional hints will be sorely disappointed. Fortunately, Wheeler has vowed a sequel book to the original Cursed, so there's at least a chance that work will be released ahead of season 2. If not, Miller and Wheeler will find themselves in the unenviable position of novelizing their own creation. That usually doesn't work out great.

As soon as Netflix makes an official announcement regarding season 2, we'll be sure to update you right here.