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We Are One: Everything Screening During Day 2 Of The Free Film Festival

The second day of the first-ever global digital film festival We Are One is here, and the selections screening throughout the day are sure to tickle at-home audiences' delights. 

Co-curated by nearly two dozen film festivals across the globe, We Are One streams hand-selected short films, features, web series, television programming, archived and never-before-seen talks and panels, 360-degree virtual reality content, and more entirely for free during the ten-day event — held entirely on the festival's YouTube channel. Not only will people be entertained by media from around the world, but they can also donate to coronavirus relief efforts while doing so, as We Are One: A Global Film Festival is raising funds to benefit multiple organizations working to end the current pandemic. 

Day one of the festival brought with it screenings of DreamWorks animated shorts and a short flick about an aging Sith Lord stuck in the Bronx. Here's what day two has in store.

Short films and panels screening during day 2 of We Are One

A total of five short films and two panels will screen during We Are One: A Global Film Festival day two. 

At the start of the morning, audiences can stream writer-director-editor-producer Mark Jenkin's five-minute short film,Vertical Shapes In a Horizontal Landscape, curated by BFI London Film Festival. Two other BFI London Film Festival short film selections screen at the same time: Over, from writer-director-co-producer Jörn Threlfall, and Masterpiece, from writer-director Runyararo Mapfumo and starring Idris Debrand, Emmanuel Ojiji, Michael Akinsulire, Kwame Augustine, and David Isiguzo. Wrapping up the short film programming for the second day of the festival is East of Jefferson, a Tokyo International Film Festival selection written and directed by Koji Fukada. 

As for panels, tune into On Transmission: Claire Denis in Conversation with Olivier Assayas to see the acclaimed French filmmakers chat about the current state of film art. (If you need a memory-jog, Denis directed films like Chocolat, Trouble Every Day, 35 Shots of Rum, White Material, and High Life, while Assayas is the man behind Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper.) Later in the day, check out Masterclass with Nadav Lapid, featuring the award-winning Israeli filmmaker himself.


Vertical Shapes In a Horizontal Landscape — "Mark Jenkin's (Bait) Super-8 pilgrimage to artists' dwellings along the south coast of England, from Andrew Kotting to Derek Jarman, traces a haze of post-election hope and despair." Screens at 9 AM PM EST on May 30.

Over — "A crime scene reveals itself in nine shots of a quiet neighborhood. As the possibilities pile up — murder, hit-and-run, accident — a deeply unexpected reality unspools in reverse." Screens at 9 AM PM EST on May 30.

Masterpiece — "A group of young men try to interpret their friend's art so they can save face and show support." Screens at 9 AM PM EST on May 30.

East of Jefferson — "One rainy night, somewhere in the corner of the city, uncanny memories meet on a motel bed." Screens at 12:30 PM EST on May 30.


On Transmission: Claire Denis in Conversation with Olivier Assayas — "Acclaimed filmmakers Claire Denis and Olivier Assayas discuss the state of film art today. The conversation is fascinating and unexpected: it presents not only one of many possible narratives of the festival but also a vibrant picture of cinema, taken at a crucial time of transition. These remarkable filmmakers have left a mark on the Berlinale and in all our lives." Screens at 1:15 PM EST on May 30.

Masterclass with Nadav Lapid — "Acclaimed Israeli filmmaker and recent Golden Bear winner Nadav Lapid (Synonyms, The Kindergarten Teacher) arrives at the JFF studio for a special masterclass moderated by actress and screenwriter Romi Aboulafia." Screens at 4:45 PM EST on May 30.

Feature film programming for We Are One: A Global Film Festival day 2

To match the five short films screening on Saturday, May 30 during We Are One, five feature films will also be available to watch free of charge on the We Are One YouTube channel.

First up is director Prateek Vats' Eeb Allay Ooo, about a young migrant named Anjani (Shardul Bhardwaj) living in New Dehli who works as a contractual monkey repeller and mimics the pests' enemies by making spooky sounds — "eeb," "allay," and "ooo," hence the film's title — to shoo them away. Next is the award-winning Jerusalem Film Festival selection Love: Chapter 2 from director Sharon Eyal with music by Ori Lichtik; dancers perform Eyal's choreography that depicts the energy and confusion of loneliness, heartache, and love. Thereafter, grab a snack and tune into Mugaritz Bso, a collaboration between San Sebastian chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte that will leave your mouth watering. 

In the late afternoon, writer-director Dover Kosashvili's dramedy Late Marriage will screen. It follows Zaza (Lior Ashkenazi), a nearly-32-year-old Tel Aviv University PhD student who's entangled in a romance with a Moroccan divorcée and mother Judith (Ronit Elkabetz) ... all while his parents (Moni Moshonov and Lili Kosashvili — the director's real mother) are introducing him to prospective brides.

Ending the feature film lineup for day two of We Are One is Ricky Powell: The Individualist, the Josh Swade-directed dive into the life of the titular photographer. Expect to learn about Powell's time touring with the Beastie Boys and to hear stories from people he's photographed before — like Russian Doll actress Natasha Lyonne, The Matrix alum Laurence Fishburne, and even LL Cool J.

We Are One: A Global Film Festival runs until Sunday, June 7.

Eeb Allay Ooo — "A young migrant is hired to shoo away rampaging monkeys from New Delhi government buildings by mimicking aggressive langurs—their natural enemies—in this charmingly absurd social farce." Screens at 7 AM EST on May 30.

Love: Chapter 2 — "The winner of the FEDORA – Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet, Love: Chapter 2 pulses with livewire choreography, a thrumming electronic score, and the chaos and confusion of love." Screens at 9:45 AM EST on May 30.

Mugaritz Bso — "Recipes and soundscapes intertwine in this glimpse of a daring — and mouthwatering — multimedia collaboration between San Sebastian chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte." Screens at 11 AM EST on May 30.

Late Marriage — "Dover Kosashvili's Ophir Award-winning film from 2001 is a clever dramedy about a bachelor who becomes involved with a single mother against the wishes of his traditional Georgian family." Screens at 2:45 PM EST on May 30.

Ricky Powell: The Individualist — "Ricky Powell boasts a quintessential New York story, rising to fame as a street photographer in the '80s and '90s and touring with the Beastie Boys, capturing some of the wildest moments in popular culture." Screens at 5:30 PM EST on May 30.