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Most Powerful Dragon Ball Characters Ranked

Your favorite superhero may be able to deflect bullets, but can they draw in the energy from every living creature on earth, fuse it all into a giant ball of energy, and chuck it at a bubblegum-colored maniac threatening to destroy our entire planet? Depending on your answer, you are either a liar or have yet to discover the power of the Super Saiyans. 

Chances are high that you know of Dragon Ball's existence, whether you know it or not. You have no doubt stumbled across clips of muscular animated men screaming at the top of their lungs as a golden aura of undulating energy tussles their spiked blonde hair. Any journey through the world of Japanese animation will inevitably make a stop at Universe 7 to learn about the Saiyan race and their superhuman efforts to protect our planet, solar system, and even all of existence itself.

The effect Dragon Ball has had on the world of anime and manga is undeniable. Created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, the franchise has earned more than $20 billion across 20 animated feature films and multiple anime series, television specials, and spinoff series. The central plot line follows the heroic warrior, Goku, as he grows stronger and stronger, transforming into various representations of power which are visualized by drastic changes in hairstyle. But the search for the strongest entity in existence has shown that there is more to the measure of power than just a dye job. The argument itself is ferocious and seemingly eternal. Let's step into the fray.

It's over 9000!!!!!

The moment you feel certain of your grasp of power levels in Dragon Ball, prepare to have that certainty slip through your fingers as each character continues their ascension to glory. Whether it be stepping into the hyperbolic time chamber for a few days to train for a few years or a synchronized dance with a companion to merge into a more powerful super-being, each new development in the series has shown that there are countless ways to amplify power levels. Over 30 years of lore has created plenty of ammo for each side of any argument. For that reason, let's narrow things down a bit.

It's understandable that we would leave Zeno, the Omni-King, off the list. Not only because he doesn't fight, but also because the supreme ruler of the entire multiverse — who can blink gods, mortals, and an entire universe out of existence in an instant — would make for a boring anti-climactic finish to an otherwise juicy debate. Dragon Ball Super contains major players from across an expansive multiverse, but a majority of the series takes place in Universe 7, where the Z Fighters reside on Earth. Other universes are home to powerful warriors as well, such as the Pride Troopers of Universe 11. This group of powerful warriors contain fighters in talks for the position of God of Destruction for their entire universe. Excluding numerous fusions and reducing any transformations to their core character has resulted in this completely comprehensive list that is devoid of any flaws and in no way will enrage any fans of the phenomenal anime series. Onward!

Mr. Satan

The muscular physique of Mr. Satan leads one to view the man as being synonymous with strength. Along with a strong chin and macho persona, he projects massive confidence in his fighting prowess. However, this spastic glory hog's power level has to be measured in terms of clout. When the Z fighters engage in a reality-saving battle to the death, Mr. Satan swoops in, steps in front of the camera after it's all over, and claims to have saved the planet. This leads most of the general public on Earth to see Mr. Satan as Earth's strongest hero. His reputation allows him to coast down this path with no repercussions.

The real warriors of Earth don't care that Mr. Satan claims to be the source of all the world-saving. They do absolutely nothing to disrupt this chain of events. They're too busy training for the next world-ending villain. Goku is too humble, Vegeta is too arrogant, and Mr. Satan unwittingly serves his purpose by being a public figure in front of the chaos. His fighting power is almost non-existent, but he can flex like it's nobody's business.


Krillin has been a regular in the world of Dragon Ball since Goku's childhood. They've trained together since they were kids learning about the Kamehameha attack from Master Roshi. Krillin has been on the bench for the most part in recent years and due to the power levels of his Saiyan friends, he can often be viewed as a bit of a weakling, but as far as Earth natives go, he's one of the strongest.

What Krillin lacks in raw power levels, he makes up with his cunning maneuvers. He is aware when he is outmatched (which is quite often) and uses this awareness to execute moves that catch much stronger opponents off guard. The compact ex-monk is known for his Destructo Disc, a conjuring of Ki he assembles into a disc that can slice through just about anything. Krillin may not pose much of a threat to the major villains that visit Earth, but he can always be relied on to topple the pesky minions that follow them. 


Descending from the alien Triclops race, Tien is an intensely devoted devotee of the martial arts. Many years ago, in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he traded blows evenly with Goku. Other fighters were amazed by the fight because Tien was moving so fast they couldn't see him. While he tends to find himself lying in a pile of rubble during major battles, Tien has shown an ability to infuriate stronger opponents with his combat prowess and determination.

Tien has the ability to grow arms from his back and split into four people (an ability with many battle applications, but it unfortunately divides the power among the four clones). His third eye serves as another unique weapon in the form of a laser beam. In the early days of Dragon Ball when Goku was just a kid, Tien was an imposing force. Unfortunately, the universe has expanded beyond his abilities; nevertheless, he continues to train harder than most other fighters on Earth, and his power has grown to a level that surprises others in the Tournament of Power. His time training on King Kai's planet saw his power level rise into the thousands and beyond. The dedicated fighter has admitted countless times, however, that he is no match for the innate abilities of his Saiyan friends.


The power of our favorite Saiyan warriors holds little sway against the almighty Bulma. The Z fighters may possess all the muscles a bro could ever ask for, but they matter little when in the presence of the blue-haired titan of clout. Earth's strongest heroes cower in fear at the reckoning of an enraged Bulma. Her power lies not just in the sway of the planet's mightiest but in her near-superhuman intellect. The time machine that allows for Trunk's time travel was built by Bulma. She is also a skilled pilot, and is adept at reverse-engineering alien technology.

Bulma holds a high seat in the social power dynamic of Earth's fighters, especially considering that she has a child with Vegeta. Anyone who can tame the temperamental prince of the Saiyan race no doubt has an inner strength that few can match. In Dragon Ball Super she puts her power on full display when she walks up to Beerus and slaps him in the face. The resulting backlash results in an enraged Vegeta forcing Beerus to exert a decent amount of effort. Bulma is arguably the smartest person in the world of Dragon Ball and also one of the longest-running characters, second only to Goku. The Earth in Universe 6 would not exist were it not for Bulma and her immense brain power.


This stoic warrior from the planet Namek was once a villain hellbent on conquering Earth and destroying Goku. After realizing the error of his ways, as well as having his heart softened through his training of Gohan, Piccolo has become an integral part of Earth's fighting force. He has laser focus that can be both his greatest strength and a source of blind ambition. Since his early days clashing with the Kakarot, Piccolo has transformed from a maniacal nemesis to a steadfast ally. Even still, seeing Piccolo smile is a rare occurrence and most of his life is spent training or seeking solitude. 

Piccolo is blessed with eternal youth and the ability to regenerate any lost limbs as well as heal others. He is always able to read situations better than most, sensing weaknesses and drawing up battle plans that implement the strengths of all those around him. Goku turns to him for analyses on how to best beat new villains. As the Dragon Ball storyline has progressed, Piccolo has become outmatched by the new waves of fighters but continues to pull his own weight at crucial moments. The scowling green-skinned warrior always finds himself as a baseline for mediocrity among the power rankings: above fighters lacking the drive to excel, but below the truly gifted titans of the universe.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the strongest earthlings in human history. His age may have slowed his endurance and reduced some strength, but don't let that fool you. When necessary he can center himself and aim all his experience at his target. Master Roshi seems to be a frail old man but his mastery of multiple forms of martial arts and an unmatched adaptability make for a skillful fighter. His fluid fighting style also makes him extremely evasive.

In the manga, Roshi was even able to go toe to toe with Jiren of the Pride Troopers. Roshi has several primary downfalls that put a lid on his power, however. He is huge pervert and spends most of his time thinking about girls. He is also only as strong as he feels like being at each given moment. Roshi's vast knowledge of battle tactics works side by side with his laziness. His ability to read his opponents allows him to exert little effort. The years of training and accumulation of knowledge has resulted in a man who is worthy of being the Z fighter's master, but one that doesn't match up to more imposing villains.


This stringbean comes off as an unimposing fighter and was given little attention from other contestants. There is a naive innocence to the Saiyan reminiscent of a young Goku. Don't let his stature fool you, though — Cabba is one of the strongest fighters from Universe 6, only less powerful than others due to his youth.

Developments in Dragon Ball Super showed that Cabba is adept at learning new techniques. He was able to learn the Super Saiyan transformation over a single match with Vegeta. The moment was historic for Universe 6, as this was the first Super Saiyan transformation in their dimension. As of right now, Cabba has an immeasurable level of promise. The Saiyans of Universe 6 have shown they might possibly be even stronger than those of the Z fighters from Universe 7. They have been forced to evolve without their tails, which has driven them to make up for the power inadequacy in other ways. We're eager to see where the story goes with Cabba, but as of right now, he isn't much competition for other major players.


This aloof tomboyish Saiyan cares little about the demise of her universe when we first meet her. She wants no part in being recruited for the Tournament of Power and would prefer spending her time taking naps and eating to her heart's content. Caulifla only agrees to join the team when Cabba puts the Super Saiyan transformation on display and she views it as an opportunity to grow stronger. Her style is a somewhat crude brawling technique, but she recognizes when there is a need to adapt.

Caulifla was able to master the Super Saiyan technique and even traded blows with Goku for a short period of time. The feisty Saiyan even took it further and transformed into Super Saiyan 2 in an incredibly short amount of time, amazing the likes of Goku and other fighters — although once Goku transformed further, Caulifla was incredibly outmatched. The power displayed by her counterparts doies little to dampen her arrogance, though. Caulifla loves to taunt her opponents, and is usually hostile in nature. The Saiyan lust for battle — and desire for more power — rings true in the eyes of the Saiyan from Universe 6. While she might not be able to defeat more seasoned fighters at her current power level, she will certainly be a daunting opponent in the future.


Before Majin Buu was unleashed on our universe, Babidi's right hand man was the devilish Dabura. The hulking fighter is the strongest being in the Demon Realm and is said to wield power equal to that of the bio-android Cell. Added to his combat power are his magical abilities, particularly his ability to turn his opponents to stone with his spit (only his death can free his victims from their stone prison). Dabura was able to rival SSJ2 Gohan and likely would have continued an ascension to power had he not been betrayed by Babidi. The evil sorcerer orders Majin Buu to eliminate him, and he does so by turning Dabura into a cookie and eating him.

Dabura bears a striking resemblance to a certain Lord of The Underworld and he certainly displays similar characteristics with his sadistic nature. Added to the menace of his actions is a deep voice he uses to speak in very articulate sentences. Honestly, Dabura was underutilized. He was capable of much more destruction and had plenty of fights left in him. The Z fighters would have had their hands full with Dabura had he not become a snack.

Android 17

Android 17 is perhaps the strongest bio-human in existence. A product of Dr. Gero's experimentation with humans, he possesses a massive amount of power. All of his organs have been replaced with bio-organic components but because he's still mostly human, he has continued to grow stronger. Android 17 does not require food in order to continue operating. He possesses an unlimited supply of power that grants him limitless stamina and very little need for recovery time. Throughout the Android saga, the Z fighters were hardly a match for Android 17 and the bio-human has continued gathering strength since their encounter. In sparring sessions with Goku, and during the Tournament of Power, it has been noted that if Android 17 were still a villain, the Earth would be in big trouble.

After the defeat of Cell, his victims were resurrected by the Dragon Balls, including Android 17. His time away was spent living a reclusive life on a nature reserve, training and protecting the wildlife. Every fighter on Earth was astonished at his increase in power, especially given how strong the fighter already was. It's hard to say if the Android 17 we know in Super would have been more of a match for Cell when he arrived. Alas, the hunger of the bio-android was overpowering.


New villains crop up in Dragon Ball Z with every new arc. Each confrontation forces our heroes to push themselves beyond known limits, to the point that some characters have become nigh-godlike in power. But there is one being whose immense power challenges even the strongest fighters: Cell. This bio-android has spent years obliterating every opponent thrown at him. He's so powerful that writers had to introduce different timelines in order for him to be defeated. Even then, he manages to take control of time and travel backwards, to make himself even stronger. 

Cell was created by a supercomputer using cells from some of the universe's strongest heroes. He is able to increase his power by draining energy from other entities, which is why he roams the Earth, drinking up the life forces of entire cities. Cell is, without question, one of the strongest life forms in existence. The only reason this outrageously powerful warrior finds himself at the bottom of this list is because of his recent absence from the Dragon Ball Z storyline. Fans haven't seen Cell since GT, when he is briefly allied with another villain and defeated by Goku, but  GT isn't considered part of the canon. Cell's power has not grown in quite some time: Today's heroes would not struggle against him as their predecessors did. But given his uniquely adaptive powers, he shouldn't ever be counted out for good.


This lean, green, fighting machine originally trained to become one of the Supreme Kais of Universe 10. He is well respected among the other Kais for his superior intellect and massive knowledge base — plus, he can brew a mean cup of tea. Now, you might disagree with Zamasu's ranking on this list, but remember: We are talking about the characters' core forms. All the scenarios that lead to Zamasu becoming insanely unbeatable are created by his Dragon Ball wish. Plus, things don't get completely out of hand until he merges with Goku Black. Things get so nuts, Zeno the Omni-King has to literally wipe the entire universe in order to cancel out Zamasu's invincibility.

Zamasu's misguided sense of universal justice is the most imposing thing about him: He views humanity as detrimental to existence, and seeks to wipe it out. The chaos he unleashes results from his clever collaboration with other villains, as well as wishes and fusions. His Dragon Ball wish for immortality, plus his merging with Goku Black, transform him into a massive ethereal entity which envelops the universe. Yet at his core, Zamasu isn't too tough. Goku easily defeats Zamasu in combat in his base form, and Trunks later slices him in half by embodying all of humanity in his sword. Granted, that slice unleashes an unbeatable cosmic being that begins raining destruction on the entire fabric of reality. But hey, we say he cheated.


It might be the way his soothing lavender hair flaps in the wind. It may be his stylish jean jacket. Whatever the reason, Trunks has been a fan favorite for decades. He first appears as a mysterious young boy capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan. We learn later that he is the offspring of Vegeta and Bulma, and has traversed several timelines before settling into the one we know today. His father's cocky, arrogant demeanor is tempered by his mother's humanity, resulting in a cool, level-headed warrior. Trunks can call forth massive power surges, but only does so when the time is right.

Ranking Trunks' power level is complicated, given his time-traveling nature. We've seen Future Trunks achieve greatness, but the main storyline currently features Trunks as a young, playful kid. He also tends to implement a right-place-right-time fighting technique that dazzles, but doesn't display much sustainability. The promise of Future Trunks places him on a pedestal among fans — one he deserves. But all these competing factors make us reluctant to place him anywhere but just below legendary status and right above his defeated foe, Zamasu. Trunks is no slouch: He has helped the gang defeat Cell, beat the tar out of Frieza, and sliced an immortal in half. Trunks is entirely worthy of the praise he receives. But we're still waiting for more.


The Tournament of Power mashes several universes together. Among those are the Saiyans of Universe 6, where Kale is their version of the legendary Super Saiyan. Kale shows up at the Tournament of Power as a meek, timid fighter paired with her mentor, Caulifla. We quickly discover that there is more than meets the eye with this gentle, leafy green powerhouse. After Goku enrages her, Kale reveals her true power by transforming into the legendary Super Saiyan. Kale is so powerful that she marches unharmed through a kamehameha attack from Super Saiyan Blue Goku. After palming the hero's face with her massive hands, she shoots up into the sky and unleashes a barrage of uncontrolled energy blasts at everyone in the vicinity.

Much like her Universe 7 counterpart Broly, Kale's base power level is seemingly limitless. The downside to this genetic trait is that her form is a berserker state, rooted in rage and difficult to control. The normally docile Kale has yet to undergo the years of training we've seen other heroes go through: She shows some ability to gain control over her berserker state, but as of right now, Kale is all promise. She hasn't had enough time for her character to develop, but we'll likely see Kale rise through the ranks to become one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball Z.


For a long time, Broly technically wasn't considered part of the Dragon Ball canon. Thankfully, fans latched on to their favorite rage monster and never let go. In 2018, Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released, officially bringing this outrageously strong character into the canon. Broly was born in a pod next to Goku on the Saiyan home planet, with a power level that was, you guessed it, over 9000. His power was so great that it scared King Vegeta, who ordered Broly and his father executed. This decision stoked the primal fury now synonymous with his legendary bloodline.

Pain and betrayal have become all this misunderstood warrior knows. Broly's path leaves him devoid of any appropriate training for his immense power.  Because of this, he doesn't analyze and adapt to situations. When faced with challenges, Broly simply calls forth more power and bashes the problem in with his fists. His story is left open-ended in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, implying we have yet to see just how strong Broly can truly become. Some may think Broly should be much higher on this list, but he lacks adaptability. He may be a bottomless pit of raw power, but he's just not honed. Still, the future is unwritten. It's a bit scary to imagine what he might be capable of, given the proper training and some caring friends.

Majin Buu

Few characters exhibit the raw power that Majin Buu has aimed at humanity. This regenerating pink mass possesses a unique ability to turn his enemies into chocolate and absorb their power by eating them — adding a layer of terror icing to an extremely unpredictable villain. Majin Buu was created by a warlock many years before the main characters were born; upon release from his imprisonment, he showed that there is no controlling his childlike emotions. His lack of control adds many challenges to an already formidable enemy.

No other character in all of Dragon Ball has shown as many different forms and transformations as Majin Buu, morphing numerous times based on his emotional responses and eating habits. Though his regenerative ability combines with his power level to create a seemingly unbeatable foe, Buu is a slave to his emotions. Ego and reason play second fiddle to his reactive persona, resulting in a lack of technique and passion needed to rise up against new challenges. Strength loses its power without aim. It is for this reason that such an impregnable character finds himself at the bottom of the list.


It goes without saying that the son of the first Super Saiyan would inherit a solid amount of power through genetics alone. Gohan has shown time and again in moments of crisis that there is an immense amount of power lying inside his docile heart. His strongest aspects shine through in his protective instincts, drawing power from a limitless well of energy when seeing his loved ones in danger. At times he displays a power beyond that of Super Saiyan, surpassing even Goku. It is Gohan who, while not delivering the final blow, ultimately defeats the bio-android Cell when the rest of Earth's heroes have fallen.

Despite all that power, Gohan's Saiyan fighting instincts are tempered by some of his more human attributes. The desire to fight and grow stronger are of little interest to this gentle soldier. His interests lie in raising a family and studying to become a renowned scholar. With training and a drive to surpass his competitors, there is no doubt that Gohan could become a fighter of extremely potent power and prestige. Alas, his preference for a simple life lowers this member of the endangered Saiyan race down near the bottom of the list.


This stoic assassin emerged as a fierce competitor in his battle with Goku in the Tournament of Power. Known among Universe 6 as the "Legendary Assassin," Hit possesses an extremely unique and powerful ability in Time-Skip — which allows him to manipulate time and skip forward a tenth of a second. While this may not seem like a significant amount of time, with fighters moving faster than most humans can perceive it's a very large advantage.

Hit utilizes his Time-Skip ability efficiently and combines it with his Phoenix Eye Fist to focus his attacks into one point and aim at his opponents vital organs. Given that the trenchcoat-clad hitman is also over a thousand years old, he also has a vast amount of experience. He can rapidly adapt to his fighting situation, shown in his ability to improve his Time-Skip for even larger chunks of time in his fight against Goku. While his rare ability allows for a large advantage, once his opponents study his moves, they're able to predict where he'll go next and defend appropriately. This leaves something lacking in this incredible fighter's raw base power.


The primary antagonist in the Dragon Ball series, Frieza, appears multiple times as Goku's arch-nemesis. He plays a major part in the Saiyan timeline as the character responsible for the destruction of their homeworld, the obliteration of the planet Namek, personally killing Vegeta's father, and has led multiple invasions of Earth. The Emperor of Universe 7 possesses an incredible knack for drawing upon vast amounts of energy. His strongest, original form is buried beneath a series of transformations in order to help his body contain his incredible might.

Frieza is extremely hard to kill (he can survive in the vacuum of space!) and is so talented as a fighter that he achieved his Golden form with only four months of training. His power is second only to his enormous ego, which is damaged so badly by his defeat to Goku that it takes years of mental training for him to regain his strength. The mark of a true villain shines through in Frieza's cruelty via torture and genecide. Should this tyrant be able to temper his arrogance and psychopathic tendencies, he will no doubt rival the universe's strongest heroes.


The Pride Troopers of Universe 11 are led by the husky warrior known as Toppo. Despite his rotund stature, the candidate for the next God of Destruction is deceptively fast and shrouds all his actions in an extra-thick layer of justice. His specialties in battle lie not only in his energy blasts, but in close quarter combat via debilitating locks and holds. In his godly form, Top bested Goku's Super Saiyan 3 in the Tournament of Power — although one could argue that was due to a moment of opportunity.

A base power level that rivals most competitors proves to be surface level once energy surges, displayed by a menacing purple aura, reveal Toppo's true power — enabling an easy victory of Frieza's golden form. While usually displaying respect to his fellow fighters, he also has a bit of a temper which can disrupt his normally level-headed fighting style. Desperation causes Toppo to abandon his principles in the pursuit of victory, which ultimately leads to his defeat at the hands of Vegeta.


An infinite supply of anger courses through the Saiyan bloodline in the form of Prince Vegeta. Originally destined to rule his doomed home planet, the reluctant anti-hero's power levels always seem to be just a step behind Earth's strongest — occasionally crossing into the mightiest of the Dragon Ball pantheon through displays of pure rage. Few are liked by the sardonic warrior prince (who only displays humor when mocking his opponents) and even fewer are as dedicated to the achievement of ultimate power. Vegeta's dedication to martial arts and the cultivation of his ki are unparalleled. Combined with his regal bloodline, these characteristics make for one of the most dominant fighters in the universe.

While he repeatedly says Goku is his mortal enemy, his actions show respect and acknowledgement in the competitive drive supplied by his Saiyan companion. Once sent to Earth in the form of an enemy in search of the dragon balls, his disdain for "Kakarot" is pacified by his desire to pass him in terms of power. He repeatedly falls short in this endeavor as his anger tends to overwhelm him and cause him to rush into dangerous situations without analysis. An extraordinarily high opinion of himself results in Vegeta underestimating his opponents and charging in ill-prepared. His immense amount of pride calls forth endless pools of power and at other times serves as a debilitating weakness. Regardless, he continues to be one of Universe 7's strongest heroes.


The backstory of this stoic fighter is wrought with death and loneliness. As a child, Jiren lost his parents and his entire village to a villainous demon who, in a later confrontation, also killed his master Gicchin. This resulted in a lifetime of dedication to strength and honor. Until he joined the Pride Soldiers, Jiren spent a large portion of his life alone in his training, seeing little value in attachments and viewing strength as the only universal truth. Originally Jiren was approached for the position of God of Destruction, but showed no interest. The most impressive aspect of this burly fighter lies in little need for much transformation to call forth vast amounts of energy. He is viewed as the most powerful warrior in Universe 11 and is the only mortal capable of defeating their God of Destruction.

In one of the most climactic moments in Dragon Ball Super, Goku transforms into his most powerful form yet, Ultra Instinct. But even in this ultimate form, Jiren simply draws forth even more energy to continue battling toe-to-toe with the Saiyan. Most of the fighters in the universe use transformations to temporarily multiply their power beyond what is normally sustainable for their bodies. Jiren, however, is able to sustain his energy levels through incredible displays of strength and endurance. He uses this to his advantage with a mostly defensive style that forces his opponents to exhaust themselves, allowing for his attacks to land with devastating results. While Jiren possesses a herculean amount of power, his life has resulted in an almost cold disposition that leaves no room for emotion — which happens to be the greatest source of strength for the series' primary protagonist.


The Dragon Ball series begins with Goku as a child teaming up with Bulma in a hunt for the mythical Dragon Balls. All these years later, the loveable defender of Earth continues to grow in strength while maintaining a gentle disposition that seems to disarm even the Gods of Destruction. Seemingly devoid of any negative emotions, Goku has ambitions that stem from his desire to protect those he loves. It is in moments of despair, when his loss in battle would spell death for those around him, that the Saiyan draws forth epic new levels of power to overwhelm his enemies. Whether it be through his signature move the Kamehameha, or by channeling ki from nearby lifeforms to form the almighty Spirit Bomb, the admirable hero always finds a way. Goku continually forces his body to new limits through never-ending training regimens and a constant stream of challengers.

After climbing through several layers of Super Saiyan, Goku was met with another moment of desperation in the final minutes of the Tournament of Power. The losers of the tournament face the destruction of their universe, a fate which is unacceptable for Earth's mightiest defender. Our favorite Saiyan displays a fighting form normally reserved for the gods in Ultra Instinct — a transformation in which the mind separates from the body, leaving it to operate on pure instinct, resulting in the most effective fighting methods known thus far. While Jiren arguably possesses more raw base power, Goku has shown us repeatedly that few can match the limitless well of energy that flows through the cheery protector of Universe 7.


This catlike humanoid shows a level of indifference to most lifeforms that could only be reserved for an entity of cosmic power. Beerus seems to harbor no ill will towards any lifeforms, merely annoyance at any disruptions in his favorite activities, acting mostly as a mechanism of nature. As a God of Destruction, he is served with the duty of maintaining balance in Universe 7, which he enacts through the decimation of any planets that displease him. The imposing entity has existed for millions of years, which adds quite a bit of experience to the gourmet-loving god's remarkable power.

While Goku seems to be evenly matched with him at certain points, it is apparent that Beerus did not come close to unleashing his full potential. As the Saiyan climbs up through his various stages of Super Saiyan, Beerus amps up his fighting style with ease. He is able to nullify the energy of most mortals and can launch devastating attacks with his Sphere of Destruction and has a base power level which needs no transformation or amplification. Most mortals cower before his fickle appetites, but there is someone who quite literally schools him in terms of strength and technique.


When we first meet this lean, aloof individual, it is not readily apparent that great power lies behind his carefree smile. While Beerus zips around the universe imposing his will on anyone who dares annoy him, Whis stands by his side — appearing as no more than a gentle companion, complacent in running trivial errands. As the story unwinds, it becomes clearer that the immortal angel possesses an unfathomable amount of power. When Beerus begins wreaking havoc on surrounding worlds after consuming a large amount of wasabi, Whis knocks him out with a single chop to the neck. In Dragon Ball Super, he appears to exert little effort in a sparring session against both Goku and Vegeta, even going as far as autographing the unwitting Saiyan's outfits in the middle of their dual onslaught.

Whis has the ability to rewind time up to three minutes without creating any paradoxes or time loops — a necessary power when one's sole responsibility is to mitigate the powers of a God of Destruction. Beerus has flat out stated that Whis is stronger than him and that most of his training was under the angel's tutelage. Despite all these abilities, his effortless displays of speed and strength come paired with a penchant for table manners and a love of Earth cuisine. There is no other being in Universe 7 with as much power, which makes his serene disposition all the more sensible. What need is there for any displays of anxiety or negative emotion when nothing in your realm of existence is capable of causing you harm?