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The 6 Strongest Characters On Titans

On DC Entertainment's superhero series Titans, the first live-action adaptation of the DC Comics squad the Teen Titans, there are tens of characters with advanced skills obtained through their meta-human DNA, intense training, or a combination of the two. However, not all Titans — and those who associate with the group — are made equal. Some Titans characters are comparatively weaker, leaving a crop of them to rise to the top and shine as the series' strongest.

Who among them actually has the most abilities? Whose combat style is the most extensive, and who has the strongest command of their powers? The Titans roster provides the perfect opportunity to see how some of DC's best, brightest, and burliest burgeoning heroes stack up in terms of power within the universe — and, more interestingly, against each other. Here are the six strongest characters on Titans. (Disclaimer: We're not considering any team members' comic or animated iterations. Instead, we're basing our definition of "strongest" only on what the series has told and shown viewers.)

Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing

The Titans founder began as Bruce Wayne's first sidekick, Robin, leading the team against a litany of villains and criminals. But when the Titans set their sights on Deathstroke, his son Jericho gets caught up in the plot and is killed as a direct result. With distrust and guilt circulating amongst the group members, they choose to split up. Dick, played by Brenton Thwaites, eventually leaves his life with Bruce behind to become a cop, putting him on the path to meeting Rachel, a young girl with great power who needs his help. She's the impetus for Dick starting the second iteration of the Titans, alongside Koriand'r and Gar, and the fuel to taking Batman's former back-up to the next level in his vigilante fighter potential.

Unlike many of his meta-human or superhuman teammates, Dick doesn't have any special powers, just a lot of really good training. Because of his time with Batman, he's in peak physical condition — displaying above-average strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and endurance. With years of intensive training, he's become a skilled martial artist who specializes in stick fighting, knife-throwing, and sword fighting while also proving himself to be an expert marksman. As if that wasn't enough, his acrobatic skills from his early life as a trapeze artist make it easy for him to deliver nearly the same level of dexterity in dodging, climbing, and jumping that his long-time friend Wonder Girl has. 

Dick is unquestionably the team's best human fighter, but his internal conflict and past trauma can interfere with his ability to stay mentally and emotionally focused. Some of this seems to change towards the end of Titans season 2, when Batman's former Robin takes up the mantle of Nightwing. But in a group full of meta- and super-humans, there's ultimately only so high he can go on a list like this.

Garfield "Gar" Logan/Beast Boy

Contracting a disease from a "rare primate" while living in the Congo Basin, the young Gar becomes its sole survivor before being found by Dr. Niles Caulder, the "professor X," if you will, of the Doom Patrol. Under the doctor's care, Gar is given a serum that produces unforeseen side effects: green hair, green skin, and shape-shifting abilities. After his transformation, he's adopted into the ragtag "Doom Patrol" — which at the time included Robotman, Elasti-Woman, and Negative Man — before he crosses paths with Rachel Roth (Raven) in the woods outside the manor. That encounter eventually leads to him joining the Titans alongside Rachel, Dick Grayson, and Kory Anders.

The "disease" Gar picked up, coupled with Caulder's serum, gives the young Titan the power to rearrange his DNA. On the show, that has meant morphing into his favorite animal — a tiger. But this is somewhat different than Gar's past comic and even animated iterations, which frequently have him shifting into a much larger variety of animals. The limited imagination of the DC Universe series is attributed to Titans' budget constraints, and along with Gar's generally sweet and giddy nature, can be deceptive when it comes to how powerful the hero actually is. While Gar is for sure one of the Titans' least aggressive members — only using his powers on an as-needed basis — he's gone toe-to-toe with some formidable opponents, including Conner (also known as Superboy).

While Gar has only one known intentional kill — an incident that still haunts him — his powers are already dangerously impressive and his potential, as Titans season 2 reveals, is even more immense. He just needs to be given more opportunities by the show to stretch his beastly wings.

Donna Troy/Wonder Girl

Another founding member of the Titans and a friend of Dick and Garth's since childhood, Conor Leslie's Donna Troy made her series debut on the season 2 premiere. After the death of her father in an apartment building fire, Donna was taken to the capital of the Amazons, Themyscira, and trained to become Wonder Woman's protégé. Desiring her independence and freedom after years of being under the watchful eye of Diana and the Amazons, she ventured into the men's world, eventually serving among the first iteration of the Titans alongside Dick, Hank, Dawn, and later Garth as Aqualad. After Garth joined the team, Donna struggled with her feelings for him, afraid to get tied to anyone with her return to Themyscira looming. When she does eventually let him in, their relationship is cut short after Garth becomes a victim of Deathstroke before eventually meeting her own deadly fate at the end of season 2.

Hailing from the world of the Amazons and one of the most emotionally well-adjusted Titans, Donna has natural power that's enhanced by her excellent training and consistent maturity. Her heritage affords her several enhancements that easily make her one of the most formidable members of the Titans. Superhuman strength allows her to subdue enemies with a mild blow, while her super durability grants her the power to take what she doles out, including full-chested punches from half-Kyrpotonian Superboy. Meanwhile, her enhanced speed and agility can result in her moving so deftly that she appears only as a blur while dodging opponent's attacks and jumping higher and farther than humans to avoid being hit. Beyond her powers, she's also a master combatant who, at one point, went head-to-head with Slade Wilson, in addition to regularly wielding her most recognizable weapon, the lasso.

Koriand'r​/​Kory Anders/Starfire

While a number of the Titans are considered superhero royalty, Koriand'r — Kory Anders, as she goes by on Earth — is this Teen Titans incarnation's only actual princess. Played by Anna Diop, the Tamaran was given the codename Starfire before being sent across space to stop an ancient prophecy. That mission crossed her fate with Rachel Roth, whom Kory was commanded to secure to stop the demon Trigon from re-entering their dimension and engulfing Tamaran in fiery darkness. But when she lands on the planet and gets amnesia, the pink-haired princess winds up saving Rachel from an evil family who has kidnapped her before joining the teen, Dick, and Gar as a Titan.

As a result of her memory loss, Kory has little knowledge of how to wield her powers on Earth, and so her full abilities can sometimes prove too difficult to conjure up. But when they do surface, they are extraordinary and powerful. She possesses the attributes of most Tamarins, like extreme strength and accelerated healing, the latter of which she uses to revive Superboy after his run-in with Kryptonite. Her durability is arguably the strongest among the Titans, next only to Superman's hybrid-clone — providing not only a fierce resistance to direct blows or even things like bombs, but also to temperature and pressure extremes. Kory's signature ability to absorb and store solar radiation within her body even allows her to channel it both offensively and defensively as thermal blasts and shields. In short, Kory's a walking, talking, super-powered sun.

Though Kory's not always in complete command of her abilities, they've saved the Titans on numerous occasions, proving she's easily one of the team's toughest heroes to beat. As she transforms even more into the tenacious, sensible, and devoted team member fans know her as, her abilities may very well blast her past the only two Titans whose powers have managed to outshine her so far.

Conner/Subject 13/Superboy

Conner is yet another Titan who joins the team amid a crisis of identity. Initially identified as "Subject 13," Conner is a Kryptonian-human hybrid clone created in a lab; he possesses both the alien DNA of Superman and the human DNA of his nemesis, Lex Luthor. Grown within a containment pod in Cadmus Laboratories, he eventually breaks out, taking one of the facilities caged dogs with him. His journey to the Titans is long and winding, but they're ultimately brought together after Conner saves Robin from falling to his death.

Up until Rachel Roth's transformation into Raven, Starfire is easily the Titans' most powerful team member. But upon his arrival on Titans season 2, Conner proves the true potential and danger of his abilities several times, including in a head-to-head throwdown with Starfire that sees him come out on top. While Conner is said to mentally, emotionally, and psychologically mirror the age of a two-year-old, he has a genius-level of intelligence, a trait he gets from Luthor. Meanwhile, his curiosity and strict moral code resemble characteristics of his more heroic (and unknowing) DNA-donor, Superman. Yet, the human-Kryptonian doesn't just mirror the personality traits of those whose DNA helped make him.

Superboy exhibits superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, healing, hearing, and sight. While he can't fly like Superman, Conner can jump extreme distances and positively reacts to sunlight, an ability in line with the solar energy absorption abilities of Kryptonians. Then there's his heat and x-ray vision, super-breath, and a set of vocal cords that trigger car alarms and upset other's hearing. 

Like the two heroes he's sandwiched between on this list, Conner needs a better grip on his abilities. But once he has it, he'll be able to power through enemies in nearly the same way he plowed through his teammates — including Starfire and Wonder Girl — while under the control of Cadmus.

Rachel Roth/Raven

The daughter of a human woman and the interdimensional demon Trigon, Rachel was kidnapped as a baby and raised in secrecy by a woman trying to stop her parents from using her as a portal to bring her planet-destroying father back to Earth. For this reason, Rachel has spent much of her life without a real sense of identity or family, all the while haunted by dark visions and inexplicable occurrences. When a man murders her surrogate mother, Rachel flees — eventually running into Detective Dick Grayson, a man whose sad, dark past frequently played out in her nightmares. Once Dick discovers people are after her, he takes Rachel on the road, along with Kori and Gar, laying the groundwork for the second generation of Titans.

As a half-human, half-demon, Rachel possesses a range of magical abilities that have, at times, rivaled her demonic father's — a fact proven during their confrontation in Titan's season 1 finale and season 2 premiere. She also simply has the most powers among the Titans, in effect making her the most dynamic ability-wise. Rachel shares team-wide traits like extreme strength and combat skills, but she also possesses the power to astral project, cast illusions, create portals, and rapidly heal others. Her most compelling powers, however, are the ones she's barely tapped into. Her umbrakinesis allows her to control a viscous-looking negative energy that can be formed into things like weapons and restraints, link the minds of two separate targets, and animate inanimate objects. If all this wasn't enough, Rachel's a telepath and an empath, with equally strong telekinetic powers that allow her to move blast, disintegrate, or levitate items.

Because Rachel is so young and lacks knowledge about who she is or what she can do, she's more unpredictable than the others in terms of her abilities and emotional maturity. But she's arguably the only character on this list whose lack of control actually makes her a more formidable threat to others and not just a danger to herself. This means that if Titans' youngest member had total command of her powers, she'd be practically unstoppable.