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A Quiet Place 3 - What We Know So Far

2018's "A Quiet Place" was one of the more unique horror offerings in recent memory, and 2021's "A Quiet Place Part II" continued the story in fantastic fashion. Everything about the post-apocalyptic world in which a simple sound could lead to an attack by a roving band of sight-impaired, sharp-eared monsters suggests the possibility of multiple storytelling avenues to be explored. Following the commercial and critical success of "A Quiet Place Part II," talk has turned to "A Quiet Place Part III" becoming a reality. 

While it was announced back in November 2020 that a "Quiet Place" spin-off film is in the works at studio Paramount Pictures with Jeff Nicholas writing and directing (via the Hollywood Reporter), that's a different project than a third "Quiet Place" movie. That movie is evidently at the forefront of "A Quiet Place" and "A Quiet Place Part 2" actor and director John Krasinski, who has apparently been thinking quite a bit about the next installment.

"I think when my brain started wandering [with] questions of what would this mean later on, I started to write down notes in case I could prepare myself for a third one," Krasinski told Collider in May 2021. Just a few days later, Krasinski's on-screen and real-life wife Emily Blunt confirmed in another Collider interview that her husband has "a couple of great ideas" for a third movie. "He has a whole arc of ideas that could work. I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he fully engaged his brain on the third one," Blunt explained. 

It sure sounds to us like A Quiet Place Part III is an inevitability, and here's how it could shape up.

What is A Quiet Place 3's release date?

As of June 2021, A Quiet Place Part III isn't even in its infancy, as the movie hasn't even been officially announced. As such, taking a stab at a release date is pure guesswork — but we're known to indulge in such things. 

While the release date for "Part II" was disrupted by COVID-19, meaning that it could take longer than it would have otherwise for "Part III" to go into production, a 2022 release probably isn't not out of the question. "A Quiet Place Part II" was originally expected to be released in May 2020, later adjusted to March 2020, with the coronavirus outbreak scuttling that plan. The flick didn't have an unusually long production schedule, though, with the second installment slated to arrive just a couple years after the first. A Quiet Place was released in April 2018. If Paramount continues with this trend, "A Quiet Place Part III" will likely have a similar time frame, and hit theaters in 2022.

Who is in the A Quiet Place 3 cast?

Disappointingly, there's currently no information available regarding the cast of "A Quiet Place Part III." But it seems like a foregone conclusion that Emily Blunt's Evelyn Abbott will return with her kids, Regan and Marcus (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe). Of course, it's yet to be determined if those plucky kids — along with the new characters portrayed by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou in "Part II" — will survive the events of the sequel, but fans would love to see them back in some capacity in Part III. It's also not tough to imagine Krasinski's character, Lee Abbott, appearing in flashbacks (as he apparently does in "Part II").

It would be hard to picture a "Quiet Place" movie without at least one of the Abbott family members, but stranger things have happened in Hollywood, and countless variables go into making a movie. Still, a big reason for the success of the genre-changing original was the convincing family dynamic of the Abbotts, and we'd be pretty surprised if this aspect of the story doesn't figure into "Part III."

What's the plot of A Quiet Place 3?

The plot, which is yet to be determined, will in all likelihood continue the story of that one family as they struggle to survive in a world overrun by alien beasties. Krasinski proved himself as a major talent with the first flick, and as long as his name is attached, "A Quiet Place Part III" should ooze with tension, scares, and surprisingly heartfelt moments, and we will be on board.

Assuming that Blunt's character is back for a third round, it'll be entertaining to see how she's conquered the post-apocalyptic world up to this point. Making it so far in a world where something as quiet as a stirring of leaves can be the death of you, Evelyn Abbott is certainly a survivor and has monster-fighting skills in spades; the trailer for "Part II" make it look as if she's beginning to take on some pretty Sarah Connor-y qualities, and we'd certainly like to see that notion explored further.

Perhaps "Part III" will even complete the trilogy by allowing Evelyn to be instrumental in humanity's ultimate victory over their sight-impaired would-be conquerors. That's how we'd write it, anyway.

When does A Quiet Place 3 take place?

As a sequel and not a prequel (unless Paramount decides to go in that direction), "A Quiet Place Part III" should continue to take place in the aftermath of the alien invasion; like everything else having to do with the potential three-quel right now, this is total speculation, but it wouldn't make much sense for there to be any kind of huge time jump.

Perhaps it will take place not too far into the future, with the characters finding shelter outside of New York. It would be intriguing to see what the rest of Earth looks like, and how it's been affected by the alien scourge. Krasinski doesn't seem like the type of creative who would make "Part III" just for the nuts of it; if and when the flick is officially announced, you'd better believe he'll have a fresh and compelling story in mind, while playing off the thrills that made "A Quiet Place" successful, and adding new twists to distinguish "Part III" as its own entity.

Wherever the main characters decide to go, though, those alien beasties will likely follow. After all, a monster movie without a monster is no monster movie at all.

Is there a trailer for A Quiet Place 3?

Of course, assuming that "A Quiet Place Part III" does eventually get off the ground, we won't have a trailer for quite some time. But fans and horror aficionados alike can bet that we'll be on top of it the moment a trailer is available, and here's a pro tip: if you're as anxious for the news as we are, you may want to bookmark this page, because we'll be updating it with new info as soon as it becomes available. 

Until then, you can always rewatch the first movie, which changed the way horror films are made and viewed, and catch "Part II" as well (which just might be hitting VOD services sooner than expected, if the recent trend is any indication). Just don't chew your popcorn too loudly — you never know just what might be listening.