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Is The Evil Dead On Netflix?

'Tis the season to get spooky, friends. While you're all clamoring to find a suitably sinister decorative confection to adorn your front door, searching for just the right color of hair dye to complete your Joker look, or simply rotting your teeth out with a bubbling cauldron full of candy pumpkins, it's important to remember what the Halloween season is all about: watching every nightmare-inducing film you can get your fake-blood-loving eyes on.  

Though the advent of the streaming age has made it easier than ever to bring scary flicks to your screens at home, some tried-and-true slasher flicks, creature features, and supernatural chillers are trickier to track down. These days, it's far more likely that the freakiest of films aren't available on one single streaming platform, but instead are spread across many — thus complicating the viewing habits of every "giallo" fiend and guru of gore the world over. 

Netflix is still the go-to streamer for the vast majority of movie-lovers who prefer the comfort of their own couch to that of a popcorn-covered theater seat. As such, it's typically ground zero for any horror aficionados searching for that one horror treat to serve as the cherry atop their blood-spattered scream-a-thon sundae. Sam Raimi's gore-tastic 1981 shocker The Evil Dead is exactly that sort of film — so the obvious question becomes, "Is Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead currently on Netflix?"

We're firm believers in delivering bad news first, so we'll go ahead and tell you that Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead isn't currently available to stream on Netflix — and neither is its savage 1987 sequel The Evil Dead IInor is Raimi's 1992, Ash-trilogy capping masterpiece Army of Darkness

However, those who are only looking to Netflix for their streaming needs can still spend some quality shrieking time with Ash and the gang. That's because the entire 30 episode run of Starz!'s slapsticky creep fest Ash vs Evil Dead is currently available on Netflix — and yes, it'll easily fill that gory void left in your Halloween viewing sans 1981's The Evil Dead.   

Where you can get down with Ash and the ghouls right now

There are certain movies that there is simply no substitute for, and fans of Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead will confirm that nothing can match the director's slapstick set-ups, over-the-top gore, truly horrifying narratives, and pitch-perfect jump scares. That said, while Netflix isn't the streamer to turn to if you want to watch The Evil Dead, Hulu is. Make sure your membership is up to date if you want to get down with Ash and his rotting, undead pals in the near future. 

Even better, Hulu subscribers who are keen to make a full night of mirthful madness can experience a proper double feature of the Raimi classics by screening the sinfully scary The Evil Dead and its equally depraved sequel The Evil Dead II back to back. Sadly, it appears Raimi's camptastic trilogy-closer Army of Darkness is currently unavailable on Hulu, so you'll have to get a little more creative with things if you're trying to subject your family, friends, and loved ones to a true Evil Dead-a-thon.

And by "creative," we simply mean dropping a few extra bucks on a digital rental from Amazon Prime, iTunes, or whatever video-on-demand service you prefer. That may not be the ideal option for some, but hey, what's a couple extra dollars when it may make the difference between your Halloween season being an unholy hoot and a dead-on-arrival disaster? Spooky season only comes once a year, after all.