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Star Wars Resistance Releases Trailer For Second And Final Season

Star Wars fans, take note. The franchise's ever-growing galaxy far, far away is about to expand even further when the animated series Star Wars Resistance returns to the Disney Channel this fall.

Though we're still not quite sure just how far out there Resistance will take the crew of the Colossus, we've finally gotten a good look at what lay ahead for the second and final season of the Emmy-nominated series — with the arrival of a snazzy new trailer full of all the big time action and drama you'd expect from a Star Wars tale. Unfortunately, the arrival of the season 2 trailer of Star Wars Resistance also came with the news that the second season will, indeed, be the series' last.

Just a quick refresher for fans of Star Wars Resistance or those who've yet to experience the cleverly executed, visually dazzling animated tale, season 1 of the series, which premiered last year, began in the early days of the First Order — six months prior to the events of The Force Awakens, in fact. The series began with a young New Republic pilot named Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono (Christopher Sean) being tasked by the one and only Poe Dameron (voiced by Oscar Isaac himself) with infiltrating a First Order base (a.k.a. the Colossus) and passing sensitive info back to the Resistance. Naturally, matters got a bit more complicated throughout the epic first season, and ultimately found Kaz and his allies taking control of the Colossus before fleeing a star destroyer by making the jump to hyperspace without knowing exactly where they were going.

Season 2 will presumably pick up where the first left off, with Kaz and co. at some unexpected location in the galaxy. Per a recent report in Entertainment Weekly, the action will also resume some time later: the second season of Resistance will begin during the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and serve as a bridge to those promised in the upcoming trilogy closer Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

As noted, the new trailer for Star Wars Resistance alludes to all manner of vintage Star Wars action and heroics ahead for Kaz and his crew. It also features a rather ominous cameo from the big screen films in the appearance of First Order's new head honcho, Kylo Ren — though it appears the perpetually busy Adam Driver will not be following his Star Wars co-stars Isaac and Gwendoline Christie into the Resistance world by voicing the character himself. That honor will instead fall to veteran voice actor Matthew Wood, who will join Joe Mangianello (Magic Mike) and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as new members to the Resistance voice cast.

Regarding the imminent end of Star Wars Resistance, it'll certainly come as sad news for fans of the series. However, given the series' timeline, it makes sense that it should wrap up before the big-screen tale also comes to an end. This fact was not lost on Disney reps, who noted, "With the movie coming up in December, this was a natural place to end the show with an epic finale" (via EW). 

Hopefully, Star Wars Resistance gets the epic finale it deserves. You can find out for yourself on October 6, when the series' begins its final season on the Disney Channel.