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Is Warcraft 2 With Henry Cavill Happening? Here's Why You Keep Seeing Those Trailers

Back in 2016, director Duncan Janes brought the massively popular fantasy video game series "Warcraft" to the big screen. The pic was considerably hyped up, with many believing that it would break the so-called "video game movie curse" that had dominated Hollywood's attempt to adapt games to theaters. Instead, it proved to be just fine, barely emerging as a box office hit. Nearly a decade later, YouTube has become flooded with fake "Warcraft 2" trailers that feature Henry Cavill, a prominent fan of the games.

Unfortunately, "Warcraft" isn't getting a sequel with the former "Man of Steel" actor in a lead role.

The fake "Warcraft 2" trailers seem to be a direct response to the video game movie finding a second life on Netflix earlier this month. As of this writing, "Warcraft" is the fifth most-watched film on the platform globally, according to Netflix's own reporting. Naturally, the film has entered the cultural conversation again, with many hoping that a sequel manifests. If you go on YouTube, you'll find dozens of fake (but still impressive) trailers for the hypothetical sequel.

Consider this one from Teaser PRO, for example, which has over a million views as of this writing. The video repurposes footage from several fantasy films to create a unique, genuinely believable trailer that almost fooled fans. "This edit is so persuasively made I almost believed it's a real movie trailer. Well done!" shared YouTube user @Romanticvampyre6. But despite all the anticipation and hope that fans have, it's unlikely we'll be getting a "Warcraft" sequel anytime soon. Partly because Cavill is presumably busy developing another game-to-movie project.

Henry Cavill isn't making a Warcraft sequel

When "Warcraft" first released, it flopped domestically, barely making $50 million stateside on a reported budget of $160 million. It did, however, make a considerable chunk of change in foreign markets, pulling in $391 million, mostly from China. With financial receipts failing to hit the breaking point, director Duncan Jones took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to make it clear that a "Warcraft" sequel was unlikely. Since then, rumblings have suggested that Blizzard and Legendary are interested in taking another stab at adapting the franchise (whether that be a sequel or reboot), though nothing concrete has been confirmed.

As for Henry Cavill's association — nothing has been announced or suggested, though the British actor would be a solid choice for a future project. Cavill missed his first Superman casting call because he was so busy playing the video game. It would be interesting for the star to step into the franchise, as he has tons of love and admiration for the video games. However, following his departure from Netflix's "The Witcher," Cavill has his eyes set on an out-of-this-world project.

Back in 2022, it was reported that Cavill had signed onto Amazon Prime's "Warhammer 40,000" adaptation — another property beloved by the "Argylle" star. Though neither plot nor production details have emerged, Cavill is expected to both star in and executive produce the series based on the tabletop miniature game. He's previously labeled an adaptation as his dream project, so it would make sense if he is indeed currently occupying himself with that.