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Twisters Reactions Are All Saying The Same Thing About The Sequel

Jan de Bont's "Twister," released in 1996, is nothing short of a silver screen classic. It provided moviegoers with a dramatic, disaster-driven story, standout performances from the likes of strange sci-fi movie record holder Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, among others, and memorable moments as the film's main characters boldly chase tornados in the name of science. Thus, one would imagine that coming up with a sequel for such a film would be a tall order, especially seeing as Hunt's own idea for a "Twister 2" never got a chance. However, according to many critics, the Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell-led "Twisters," directed by Lee Isaac Chung, has done right by the legacy of its predecessor.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), critics have shared words of positivity regarding the sequel. "#Twisters is a beautifully shot, heartfelt story woven into the tapestry of a good old fashioned Summer blockbuster #film. It is both a compelling drama and a rip roaring adventure," wrote Jon Brown, host of "The Composer Series." The Hollywood Reporter's Brian Davids noted in their post that, thankfully, "Twisters" doesn't lean into the tropiness of legacy sequels, which helps it stand on its own two feet as a must-see summer blockbuster. 

Meanwhile, Emily Murray of GamesRadar+ lauded the "Twisters" cast while acknowledging that it may even be better than the original. "If you want a great summer blockbuster this year, #TwistersMovie more than has you covered. Great fun, led by charming duo Edgar-Jones and Powell, it's also unafraid to take risks ... Glad I watched the original before as there's neat callbacks – I feel this is a better film though!"

Of course, the love for "Twisters" doesn't end there, with others on X expressing their appreciation for the film's performances in particular.

Twisters' performances are garnering immense praise

Ahead of the release of "Twisters," Glenn Powell explained that the film is neither a reboot nor a continuation of "Twister." It's an entirely standalone story featuring a brand new cast of characters, so don't expect to see the likes of Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) or Rabbit (Alan Ruck) at the forefront. While this may dissuade many fans of the original from giving "Twisters" a try, according to those who got to see the movie early, worry not. Not only is the film compelling as is, but the performances from franchise newcomers are well worth the price of admission alone.

For instance, film critic Scott J. Davis highlighted Glenn Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones' turns as especially strong, simultaneously lauding the overall feature. Lou Thomas wrote: "Enjoyed it, especially Glen Powell's fun turn as a cowboy scientist," with Digital Spy's Ian Sandwell agreeing that Powell and Edgar-Jones are a capable lead duo. However, in their mind, Brandon Perea as Boone is the true showstopper, writing, "It's Brandon Perea who steals every scene he's in." As for Manuel São Bento, they found the story a bit lacking, but thanks to the efforts of Powell and Edgar-Jones, in the end, they felt that the narrative was elevated with their talent bringing it to life.

Moviegoers will get to see Glenn Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Brandon Perea, and the rest of the "Twisters" cast do what they do best when the film premieres on July 17.