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A Superman Set Photo May Have Spoiled The Debut Of DC's Weirdest Green Lantern

The DC Universe is full of heroes of all shapes and sizes, and, if our estimations are correct, we may have just caught a glimpse of one having a talk with Superman (David Corenswet) on the set of James Gunn's upcoming iteration of the Man of Steel.

The new sighting follows a slew of sneak peeks from "Superman" that have infuriated Hawkgirl fans and put a twist on the traditional Green Lantern costume worn by Nathan Fillion's Guy Gardner. However, new images (via DC Films News on X) reveal Superman kneeling down and potentially talking shop with a squirrel that was brought on set. While it might seem a little strange, DC Comics fans quickly pointed out that this may be a scene introducing one of two Green Lantern Corps members. The potential ring-slinging candidates in this case are Ch'p (pronounced like the potato snack, if you were wondering) or his successor, B'dg (which sounds like 'badge').

Seeing a cast member of a James Gunn movie chat with a fuzzy co-star isn't anything new. The director's past comic book efforts have brought to life the likes of Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies) and "The Suicide Squad's" Weasel (played by Sean Gunn, who is replacing Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in the DC Universe). Currently, there's no confirmation of just how much involvement this little fella will have in the film, but if suspicions are correct and this is another Lantern, it would line up nicely with other recent developments occurring in Gunn's DCU.

Will Superman shine a light on the lead-up to Lanterns?

If suspicions are correct, it's interesting that James Gunn making space for not one but potentially two Green Lanterns in his "Superman" movie since Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion) has already been revealed. Might the reason for this increased amount of emerald be to get the uninitiated audience tuned in before the arrival of Max's "Lanterns," which is being penned by Damon Lindelof, Chris Mundy, and Tom King?

A Green Lantern Corps television show has been lined up even before James Gunn and Peter Safran's takeover of the DCU, though the project's plot changed significantly after Gunn and Safran arrived. The show's focus will now be on two of the Corps' most iconic Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, in what will be a gritty adaptation that the DC heads have compared to HBO's "True Detective." If this remains the case, it certainly feels like the series will present a tonal shift from the kind of Lantern, or Lanterns, we'll see fighting alongside Superman.

Thankfully, you only need to look at the likes of the "Spider-Verse" movies and Robert Pattinson's "Batman" to accept that multiple versions of comic book characters can co-exist while remaining unconnected to one another on either TV or film. If anything, they work to feed each other in schooling uninitiated audiences the ins and outs of the world (or a version of it) that they're inhabiting. With that in mind, a small rodent with a space ring could prove to be a big help for the property, which is something Gunn has more than a little experience with.