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New Superman Set Pics Reveal James Gunn's Green Lantern Costume - And A Twist

At this rate, it almost feels like we'll see everything for James Gunn's "Superman" before the movie even comes out on July 11, 2025. Early "Superman" movie leaks made Twitter explode after seeing David Corenswet's Man of Steel both in costume and in action. Now, we have photos of Green Lantern Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion) and Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced) getting into some high-flying escapades — but there's a trend developing that may hint about how not everything is as it seems with these heroes. 

Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), and Superman all seem to be working together, hinting toward some kind of team-up. However, when you look closely at Gardner's outfit, you see that he's sporting a Lord Tech logo. We know Maxwell Lord will be played by Sean Gunn in "Superman," but his presence may be more pronounced than some may have thought. The same Lord Tech icon can be found on Mister Terrific's uniform in other set photos, so it would seem these heroes are working to some degree with the potentially villainous manipulator. 

Granted, the heroes and the public at large probably don't know that Lord's a shady figurehead at times, but that only makes him more dangerous. Despite all the set photos, we still don't know much about the plot of Gunn's next DC film, but these Lord outfits may hint toward an upcoming clash between Superman and some other heroes.

Will Justice League International come to blows with Superman?

There are many things we'd love to see in the DCU's "The Brave and the Bold" film, including an older Batman. If that should happen (and it seems likely since he'll have his son, Damian Wayne, at his side), the Caped Crusader may be a member of an already-established Justice League. It's possible Guy Gardner, Mister Terrific, and Hawkgirl are on another team, with some version of Justice League International as the safest bet. Maxwell Lord has gone through various iterations over the years, but he's best known for being the man behind that organization.

With this position (and his mind-control ability), Lord is able to gather weaknesses and sensitive information about many superheroes. At one point, he renders the team ineffective in order to sway public sentiment against superpowered individuals. It's possible he's trying to do something similar in James Gunn's "Superman." The set photos show the four heroes walking amidst celebrating citizens. This could be a scene from the beginning of the film, with everyone depending on and supporting DC's superheroes. However, once it becomes clear just how powerful Superman is, Max Lord may be frustrated that he doesn't "control" the Man of Steel — especially if Clark Kent is resistant about getting into cahoots with someone as rich and powerful as Lord.

Max Lord might also be working with Lex Luthor (Nicholas Hoult) to turn the public against Superman. He may convince the JLI (or use his powers) to make them fight him, turning him into public enemy number one. This is just a theory, of course — Max isn't always portrayed as a bad guy in the comics, and Mister Terrific and Guy Gardner may just think Lord Tech makes some spiffy outfits.