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Star Wars: What The Acolyte's Vernestra Rwoh Looks Like In Real Life

Before "The Acolyte" was released, one of the things that had fans excited for the series was the live-action introduction of one of the youngest Jedi Knights in "Star Wars" lore — Vernestra Rwoh. She's an important figure in the High Republic era, and as shown in Episode 6, "Teach / Corrupt," she just debuted her purple lightwhip, a unique weapon among Jedi. While Vernestra brings a lot of wisdom to the series, one may wonder what the actor who plays her, Rebecca Henderson, looks like under all that green makeup.

You've likely seen Henderson sans green skin plenty of times before. She's been a fixture across numerous TV series, including "Westworld," "Inventing Anna," and "Single Drunk Female." She actually had a bit of an inside track in landing her "Acolyte" role, as she's married to the show's creator, Leslye Headland.

While being covered in green makeup would sound challenging for many, Henderson appears to have enjoyed the experience ... with one slight caveat. "I loved being that color green," Henderson told Empire. "I think I definitely look better green, for sure. It was always so sad when they took it off. It was only challenging when I had the green hands — it was more challenging to pick up things. If I touched my robes at all, everyone was like, 'No!' 'Sorry, sorry, sorry!' I'd forget."

Rebecca Henderson loved working with The Acolyte's practical sets

Using makeup to create its characters is a testament to "The Acolyte" opting for practical effects when possible. This was yet another thing Rebecca Henderson enjoyed about working on this "Star Wars" project, as she revealed in her conversation with Empire. "The sets were practically built. There was nothing to distinguish me from being an actual Jedi in the Temple. We rarely worked with blue screen at all. Sometimes I would forget that I was green, and I would look in the mirror again and be like, 'Oh my God.'"

Henderson is just one of many "Acolyte" cast members who look familiar to the audience, and her experience on film sets undoubtedly helped bring an aura of confidence to the character. Vernestra Rwoh became a Jedi Knight at the young age of 15, but on "The Acolyte," she's older and revered. Episode 6 has her acting as a liaison of sorts between the Jedi Council and the Senate, showing she's earned respect from her peers. However, that doesn't mean she's forgotten how to battle, as we see when Vernestra expertly uses her lightwhip on an umbramoth.

Whether "The Acolyte" will return for Season 2 remains up in the air. But if there's more story to tell by the time the finale comes around, Henderson would love to don the green makeup once more. "I would love to play her again," she told Empire. "I had such a deep experience playing someone like this. It was fun to play someone so still and powerful." That's, of course, assuming Vernestra manages to live until the end of "The Acolyte," which has already racked up a huge body count.