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What Song Plays During The Bear Season 3, Episode 1?

"The Bear" Season 3 is finally out, and audiences are slowly digesting its heavy themes and symbolism. Like previous seasons, the series is receiving tons of acclaim. Looper critic Matthew Jackson loved "The Bear" Season 3, giving it a 9/10 rating. While the season is filled with major, potentially show-changing moments, all eyes are on the meditative (but chaotic) Episode 1, titled "Tomorrow." It's a heavy episode, one that puts the focus on Carmy's (Jeremy Allen White) origin story, giving us clues as to how he became the man that he is. Nonlinear and riddled with flashbacks, the episode features one song playing throughout its 37-minute runtime. That tune, which takes center stage, is Nine Inch Nails' "Together" from the album "Ghosts V: Together." 

Weaving "Together," an ethereal, but equally comforting and anxiety-inducing track, throughout "Tomorrow" is an effective way to put us in Carmy's headspace. The episode goes back-and-forth, showing us events that happen before and after the gut-wrenching Season 2 finale. The song's placement on the Season 3 premiere is particularly interesting, as Season 2's finale, titled "The Bear," features the Nine Inch Nails track "Hope We Can Again" from the same album. 

"The Bear" has an eclectic soundtrack and the show's creatives have consistently used "Nine Inch Nails" songs throughout the project's three-season run. The album "Ghosts V: Together" was released during the COVID-19 pandemic as a free download by Nine Inch Nails. The band is headlined by notable film composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who recently debuted the acclaimed "Challengers" score. 

Fans love the Nine Inch Nails needle drop

"The Bear" Season 3 picks up surprisingly quickly after the events of Season 2, which makes the use of such a poignant track all the more inspired. Besides the treasure trove of real-life chef cameos, Episode 1 also features a brutal, emotional flashback between Carmy and Sugar (Abby Elliott) that left tons of us reaching for tissues. Fans are particularly impressed by the 10-minute long Nine Inch Nails track that was used to score so many important moments in Carmy's life. Its consistent use is interesting since the song wasn't made for the show. "Mesmerised by 'The Bear' continuously finding new ways to be the best and most interesting television show in years," shared X (formerly known as Twitter) user @andyhmurray. "Thank you Jeremy Allen White and Nine Inch Nails," they added. 

"Opening your [S]eason 3 with a 37-minute montage set to an ambient [N]ine [I]nch [N]ails song is so badass," exclaimed @oatmatchas. Debuting the Season 3 premiere in such a bold way is fascinating, as the nonlinear nature could alienate several casual fans who are mostly there for kitchen chaos. While there have been a few complaints, most are on board thanks to the evocative, chilling music. "New 'The Bear' ep is just cooking and stressing to [N]ine [I]nch [N]ails for 40 minutes and I'm so here for it," wrote @ConnorMason44

Perhaps @ShawnLaighean put it best with their assessment, writing, "It's a thousand seconds of nothing but emotion. It's like one long palpitation."