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Donnie Wahlberg's Blue Bloods Season 14 Part 2 Video Is Leaving Fans In Tears

Tom Selleck might not accept that "Blue Bloods" is ending after Season 14, but other cast members have approached the situation differently. Donnie Wahlberg has teased that the show might not end with Season 14, but since any news about the show's continuation has yet to materialize, he's begun thanking the fans and embarking on some "Blue Bloods"-themed nostalgia on social media.  

In a new video clip posted on the actor's Instagram, Wahlberg is seen in his character Danny Reagan's police uniform, walking along a yellow-marked fire lane path that takes him from the dinner scene set to his dressing room, while he thanks the viewers in hushed, emotional tones. 

"I've taken this walk thousands of times in 14 years and it was a teary final walk from the Blue Bloods dinner scene, last week," he wrote in the accompanying text. "More so than I could have ever imagined. Of course some sad tears — but mostly tears of immense humility. It's been a wonderful adventure. One that I know so many of us, and so many of you, wish could continue. My desire to carry on, however, is only surpassed by the amount of humility I feel for having been part of this wonderful journey at all. I'm so thankful."

Wahlberg knows what fans mean to the success of Blue Bloods

The on-screen story of the Reagan law enforcement family as we know it might be nearing its end. Even so, Donnie Wahlberg has made it clear that the "Blue Bloods" fans will always remain close to his heart. 

"None of it came easy, but nothing good ever comes easy — and none of it would ever occur if we don't allow ourselves to believe that our dreams can become reality," Wahlberg continued his Instagram message. "Nor would it happen without the support greatest fans ever, the greatest crew ever, in one of the greatest cities ever and one of the greatest law enforcement departments ever. Thank you Blue Bloods faithful. Til we meet again."

Though there have been whispers of a "Blue Bloods" spin-off series, Wahlberg's message has a distinct goodbye flavor. While there's no way of knowing just what sorts of discussions are taking place behind the scenes, going by the star's Instagram post alone it sure seems that "Blue Bloods" is set to end with Season 14, Part 2.