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Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord & Montana Jordan Reunited For An Adorable Reason

There's no better reason for a family reunion than the birth of a baby, and Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan were drawn back together because of just such a happy event. Jordan's significant other, Jenna Weeks, gave birth to a girl called Emma Rae on May 21. "So so happy for you and Jenna and can't wait to meet my niece!" Revord commented at the time of Emma Rae's birth. That wish has finally come true, as Revord has posted pictures on Instagram of her with Jordan and little Emma Rae in June.

"Auntie Rae 🤝 Emma Rae" Revord captioned the post, concluding with a pink bow emoji. In the images she can be seen holding the infant and smiling. This marks the very first time fans have seen Jordan and Revord together since the emotional "Young Sheldon" series finale. While it appears that Revord won't be reprising her role as Missy Cooper on the upcoming spin-off "George and Mary's First Marriage," one thing's for sure — the cast of "Young Sheldon" remains as thick as thieves. 

The Young Sheldon cast has long acted as a second family to one another

The cast of "Young Sheldon" seem to be quite close and tend to spend time with each other away from the Paramount Studios lot, while also keeping things professional when they worked together. For instance, Annie Potts — who opined that the show's cancelation is stupid to the press — told Variety in 2018 that walking a line between modeling professionalism and genuinely enjoying her mock-grandchildren proved to be key on the "Young Sheldon" set. "All three of those children are very naturally sweet. I can't remember if I've ever been on a set before where I was told so many times in one day how much someone loved me. I can't even believe they pay me for this!" she explained at the time. It seems that other members of the cast have also spent their off-the-clock hours together. It's a strong mutual bond that seems to go all the way back to Season 1 for them.

It looks like two of Montana Jordan's other co-stars are waiting in line to see Emma for the first time. "I can't wait to meet her!! I've always wanted to be an uncle!! So happy for you!! Congratulations," Armitage posted to the birth announcement Jordan added to his Instagram back in May. And Potts, replying to Reagan Revord's post, declared, "Oooooooo I wanna hold her." Nothing keeps an extended family closer than good news, and it looks like nothing but positive vibes are rolling this cast's way.