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The New Superman Movie's Clark Kent Has Fans Divided

Fans aren't totally on board with Clark Kent's (David Corenswet) look in "Superman." Production is officially underway on James Gunn's Man of Steel pic, which is set to be the first entry in the "new and improved" DC universe. Earlier this year, Gunn debuted Coronswet's Superman suit to mixed reception from fans, and now the same thing is happening with the character's Clark Kent look. Neither Gunn nor the studio has released an official look at Kent, but fans have managed to snap behind-the-scenes leaks of the meek journalist. 

Kent looks relatively normal, sporting a work-appropriate suit, a briefcase, and a copy of what's presumably the Daily Planet. What has fans riled up, however, is Coronswet's "broccoli" haircut. One of the most popular haircuts today, especially among Gen Z, it makes sense that Kent would rock a casual, common haircut that doesn't make him stand out. However, the hairdo isn't exactly popular with folks on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. "NOO!!! Please tell me this is fake!!!! Gunn did NOT just give Clark Kent Broccoli hair," wrote @Stuntman_Mik3 in what's surprisingly a common sentiment. 

"Not a fan of the hair.. he looks like every YouTuber bro out there," shared @MightyJax. "Clark's rizz has been given the broccoli hair," said @ManofSteelDCU, adding, "Gotta get those Gen Z kids through the door." While a decent number of fans are making fun of the look, a few are pointing out how it makes complete sense that Kent is rocking the broccoli.

Clark Kent looks unrecognizable (which is good)

One of the biggest issues fans have had with previous "Superman" adaptations is how Clark Kent and the Man of Steel look completely alike. Many have often poked fun at how Metropolis residents are fooled by Kent's disguise, which is literally just glasses. In James Gunn's "Superman," Kent and Kal-El look totally different, with the character's civilian disguise actually working, something fans are pointing out.

Those look like two different people, which means Kent's broccoli haircut is working! "I mean, it makes sense for his Clark Kent hair, it'd be different ... you wouldn't guess that's the same dude," wrote @BULLETSCARER22. "I'm ok with this look. At least they're doing something different so the common person wouldn't know that Clark is Superman!" exclaimed @TrizzyDigital

Notably, @WooZWinks had an insightful take on Gunn's vision, writing, "The choice of hair is curious, but the idea of two sides of the same coin is perfect, there really is a stark visual difference between the two, they don't look like the same person, even the Aura is different." Still other fans have jokes up their sleeves, pointing out how it must be complicated for Kal-El to constantly switch up his look. "Bro is gonna have to do a whole 10 step routine for his hair each time he changes into superman," shared @dickkoriandr

In the spirit of making jokes, consider the rumor that suggests Gunn's flick will feature an evil clone of Superman. Perhaps the nefarious version of the Man of Steel is the one with the broccoli?