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James Gunn's Superman Movie Leaks Are Making Twitter Explode

James Gunn's "Superman" movie is set for a July 11, 2025 release date, so filming is well underway for the DC hero's big rebranding. After Superman's (David Corenswet) new costume was revealed by Gunn, we finally have a chance to see it in action thanks to some leaked set photos materializing on X (formerly known as Twitter). As you might expect, seeing Corenswet and a good chunk of the supporting cast in action has been enough to make the social media platform explode with excitement.

The first thing to note is how colorful and vibrant the suit appears compared to previous iterations. Corenswet is also sporting the hero's signature red trunks, so it's clear Gunn's opting for a more classic look for his interpretation of the Last Son of Krypton. While there will always be detractors, many seem to think the aesthetic is a step in the right direction, including @RicoJrCrea, who wrote, "Can't wait for [James Gunn's 'Superman']. It will be amazing I have 100% trust in Mr Gunn vision." Meanwhile, some fans, such as @blurayangel, think the suit is a clear nod to Christopher Reeve's Superman, stating, "James Gunn is honoring Superman's past LET HIM COOK."

In addition to providing more looks at the suit, the leaks may also provide hints about a critical scene. A quick video shows Superman looking up toward a tree, leading @protozxl to write, "If this movie actually has a saving a cat from a tree moment, it will automatically be the best Superman movie."

Set photos also show off Lois Lane and Mister Terrific

Seeing a new Superman suit is always reason to celebrate, and the good times just kept rolling with set photos revealing Lois Lane (Rachel Brosnahan) apparently doing some on-the-ground reporting. The pics show her and Perry White (Wendell Pierce) walking out of some kind of vessel with debris scattered on the ground. There are also some shots of Lois with her main squeeze, Superman, standing among soldiers. Clearly, something pretty monumental is going down in Metropolis.

While it's always nice to see Lois sporting her signature purple outfit, the set photos also give us our first look at Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), and fans may be even more impressed with his look. X user @onthewayjay commented on the two superheroes standing together, declaring, "Superman costume looks incredible but wow mister terrific genuinely looks like they ripped him straight out of the pages of a comic book." The two seem to be working together in some capacity, begging the question of where the other superheroes like Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced) and Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion) are. All good things come with time, and there are bound to be even more photos to emerge before the movie comes out.

It's been said that James Gunn's "Superman" movie will differ from Zack Snyder's in one major way — there's going to be a sense of humor. Based on these set photos of characters smiling and wearing brightly colored outfits, things definitely seem to be going in that direction. Gunn's "Superman" may be a year away, but there are already plenty of reasons to get hyped for its arrival.