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Tatiana Maslany Teased Whether She-Hulk & Daredevil Are Still Dating

Despite suggesting that Marvel's "She-Hulk" likely won't get a Season 2, Tatiana Maslany, who played the gamma-infused attorney-at-law, is still hypothesizing over what Jennifer Walters' future looks like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last time we saw her, she was cozying up to the Man Without Fear, Matthew Murdock (Charlie Cox), seemingly having a happy ending during her MCU debut. However, Maslany feels it isn't a relationship set in stone.

According to Agents of Fandom on X, formerly known as Twitter, while attending San Antonio's Superhero Comic-Con, Maslany was asked if Jennifer is still dating Daredevil after the two hit it off so well following their 2022 team-up. Her response provided further proof that she was the perfect choice for the character: "I think she's keeping her options open, but I'm pretty sure she'd hit that again!" 

While one side of the super situationship seems pretty chill about the two getting together, Charlie Cox has hopes for Matt and Jen in the future, even if "Daredevil: Born Again" behind-the-scenes photos suggest it might not be happening any time soon. But for die-hard fans of the hero of Hell's Kitchen, that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Charlie Cox wants Daredevil and She-Hulk to continue their romance

While Tatiana Maslany thinks Jennifer Walters might be playing it cool about seeing Matt again, the man behind the mask is holding out hope that She-Hulk and Daredevil have a second chance. During a visit to the 2024 Awesome Con (via Popverse), Charlie Cox sounded almost annoyed about the limited time his character had with Bruce Banner's (Mark Ruffalo) cousin. "The Jen Walters stuff, we haven't really gotten a chance to explore it much," Cox explained. "Hopefully one day we'll get an opportunity to do more stuff together, because I absolutely loved working with Tatiana. She's an incredible actor."

The brief fling between the two heroes was one that didn't sit well with some audiences, which didn't go unnoticed by Cox. "We did the walk of shame. It's so funny, it really divides people. Some people loved it, and thought it was really funny, and very Daredevil, and very enjoyable. Other people get really cross about it. It's really funny." While some might have been annoyed to see Matt head home with his shoes in hand, it's very on brand for the Daredevil in the comics. Historically, Murdock has had a very complex love life and has already been caught kissing on "Daredevil: Born Again" in a behind-the-scenes photo, following reports that Heather Glenn, one Matt Murdock's many romances, would make an appearance. Who knows, though? Hopefully if She-Hulk gets the green light to reappear in the MCU, it'll be opposite Daredevil for a good old (ahem) catch-up.