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Star Wars' Strongest Lightsaber Cut A Star Destroyer In Half - With One Swing

To maintain its dominance, the Galactic Empire employs several different ships within its navy. TIE (an actual acronym that stands for something) fighters overwhelm those in air and on the ground with their firepower and numbers, TIE bombers decimate the surface below with explosives, and TIE interceptors careen through the skies at breakneck speeds. More often than not, they spawn from Imperial Star Destroyers: massive town-sized capital ships that are heavily fortified and contain a litany of weapons. Despite all of this, though, in one "Star Wars" tale, a Star Destroyer is no match for a mere swing of a lightsaber.

In the "Star Wars: Visions" episode "The Twins," Karre (Junya Enoki, Neil Patrick Harris, who also once voiced an iconic Marvel hero) — the light side of the Force-powered sibling of dark sider Am (Ryoko Shiraishi, Alison Brie) — takes that incredible swipe. After an intense duel with Am, he takes a portion of a kyber crystal meant to power a superweapon attached to a Star Destroyer and fits it into his lightsaber. Upon turning his weapon on, the blade ignites as expected, but it's no ordinary saber. This is a massive, immensely powerful lightsaber that stretches miles long, which, once he gets a handle on it, Karre promptly uses to slice the Star Destroyer in half.

Of course, "Visions'" isn't part of the "Star Wars" canon, so neither is this Star Destroyer-wrecking feat. The same goes for another instance where such a ship was destroyed in a bombastic way by a Force-user.

Star Destroyers don't fare well with Force-users in non-canon stories

So far, Star Destroyers haven't faced much trouble from Force-users in "Star Wars" canon. The non-Force-sensitive Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) notably manages to split one in half with a Resistance cruiser and a creative use of hyperspace, as seen in the audience-splitting "Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi." While this is a risky move that ultimately pays off and endures as one of the film's best moments, it doesn't involve a Jedi weapon — much less a souped up one like Karre's lightsaber — or the Force. However, in non-canon materials, it's not uncommon for Force-users handle Star Destroyers on their own.

Aside from Karre's breathtaking destruction of Am's Star Destroyer, another prominent example of a Force-user wrecking such a ship comes from the "Star Wars" Legends video game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed." While on the junk planet of Raxus Prime, Starkiller (Sam Witwer) is attacked by Imperial forces. As he hacks through stormtroopers and TIE fighters, General Rahm Kota (Cully Fredricksen) urges him to get rid of the Star Destroyer above. To do so, the Sith-turned-Jedi grabs it with the Force, and with great strain and concentration, pulls it out of the sky and crashes it onto the planet below.

Evidently, outside of "Star Wars" canon, Star Destroyers can't catch a break with Force users. Considering how over-the-top Karre and Starkiller's feats are, it's unlikely such moments will be replicated in canon in the future, but with "Star Wars" being the way it is, it's probably best to never say never.