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3 NCIS Stars Just Reunited For The First Time In 10 Years (But It's Not What You Think)

"Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch Podcast" has brought together many members of the long-lived drama who haven't seen each other in years. When Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly conceived their podcast, it seemed to be largely an opportunity to reunite with their old friends, and their latest reunion is with Sean Murray, who still plays Timothy McGee on the drama. According to de Pablo, it's been years since the three of them have gotten together.

"We haven't been in the same room together in 10 years. 10 years. The three of us together, sitting down and actually talking. 10 years," de Pablo noted.

"I didn't like do the math or anything, but I know when I see you guys that I feel really good," said Murray. 

Indeed, while Murray's McGee has been in every single season of "NCIS" since its inception, the three actors have missed one another during their various returns. When de Pablo returned for her swan song in "The North Pole" during Season 17, she worked with the team — minus Weatherly, who was gone from the program by that point, having left the drama as a regular during Season 13. Though his Tony DiNozzo was brought back to attend the funeral of Donald "Ducky" Mallard during Season 21, Ziva (de Pablo) does not come with him, which means another missed connection. But it looks like that might change for the upcoming Paramount+ spin-off "NCIS: Tony & Ziva."

Sean Murray might pop up on NCIS: Tony & Ziva

While speaking with TVInsider in March, Sean Murray teased that he might be interested in adding his talents to "NCIS: Tony & Ziva." "Yeah, it's very possible, I'll say that. Especially inside of our franchise, as I'm sure you could guess. And yeah, we like to have fun with some of that stuff, and it's all in the family, so we'll see what happens," he said.

Murray remained mum on the topic during "Off Duty," though he seemed quite happy to reunite with his old friends. There's no word as to who might guest star on "NCIS: Tony & Ziva," but the show will feature a whole lot of new characters — and one old main character, Tiva's thus-far-uncast daughter, Tali. Fans will have to keep waiting to see who ends up part of the story when "NCIS: Tony & Ziva" begins airing on Paramount+ sometime this fall.