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Chicago Fire Season 13's Sylvie Brett Replacement Is A Familiar Face

After a period of uncertainty, it looks like the cast for the 13th season of "Chicago Fire" is starting to shape up. After a try-out period in Season 12, Deadline reports that Jocelyn Hudon's Lyla Novak will be stepping into Sylvie Brett's (Kara Killmer) shoes full-time after the latter left during Season 12, taking her position on Ambulance 61 as Violet Mikami's (Hanako Greensmith) partner. Brett, now known as Sylvie Casey, has transferred to the Pacific Northwest with Matt (Jesse Spencer), his foster children, and her adopted daughter. 

Novak first appeared on the show in Season 12, Episode 9. Introduced as a free spirit, her preference for freelancing is disrupted by her assignment to Ambulance 61. She gets accidentally smacked in the head by fellow main cast newbie Jack Damon (Michael Bradway) during a call in her latest appearance on the drama. The show has also hinted at a connection of a different sort between these two, so don't be surprised if they find romance together. And in spite of Violet's misgivings, a friendship has begun to spring up between the workmates. 

Besides Hudon and Bradway, "Chicago Fire" is looking to add one more friendly face to the pile for Season 13 to balance out the show's recent cast departures.

Chicago Fire Season 13 will add a new chief to the mix

Even though Chris Herrmann (David Eigenberg) is touted as the possible replacement for Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) during the Season 12 finale, "Chicago Fire" is looking for a new character to replace Boden instead of advancing Herrmann into the job of firehouse chief. The show is casting for a character tentatively named Dom Pascal, a cheerful guy with a loose manner who nonetheless knows how to get down to business. Dom has an estranged wife and is expected to contrast with Boden's leadership style.

"Chicago Fire" lost a whole lot of cast members during Season 12. Besides Walker — who will appear on a recurring basis during Season 13 –  Spencer, and Kilmer, Alberto Rosende left the series as his character, Blake Gallo, moved out of town. Rome Flynn also appeared as Derrick Gibson for six episodes in the drama before being written out. Rosende, meanwhile, will be joining "Godfather of Harlem" as a regular for that show's fourth season. Hopefully, Season 13 of "Chicago Fire" will be much more sedate.