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Chicago Fire Season 13's Firehouse 51 Chief Isn't Christopher Herrmann After All

Contains general spoilers for "Chicago Fire" Season 13

Sorry, "Chicago Fire" fans — Chris Herrmann (David Eigenberg) is not going to head up Engine 51 when the drama reconvenes for Season 13. This is in spite of Wallace Boden's (Eamonn Walker) declaration that he would support Herrmann for the position when he exited the show as a regular during the Season 12 finale to pursue a higher office. 

Deadline reports that an entirely new character is in the process of being cast for Season 13 to lead the crew. Tentatively named Dom Pascal, he's a Miami transfer with a rocky marriage whose cheery, blithe ways are set to contrast with Boden's no-nonsense approach to managing the crew. Another key trait of the character is that he doesn't crack when times get tough.

While this is a big switch-up from what the Season 12 finale hinted at, the decision isn't a huge shock. After all, "Chicago Fire" is in dire need of a fresh talent infusion after losing a number of regulars as they head into Season 13. Pascal is just one step in stemming that tide.

The firehouse has been in casting flux over the past season

While Herrmann fans are bound to be disappointed with the choice to bypass his promotion, it's important for "Chicago Fire" to replenish the number of cast members it has lost after four major regulars and one new player left the drama during Season 12.

Besides Eamonn Walker's Boden, the drama lost Kara Killmer and Jesse Spencer, whose Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey marry and move out of state with their adoptive family during Season 12. Alberto Rosende also departed from the series — his Blake Gallo leaves the state after finding out about his extended family and takes a position with another station. Rome Flynn only lasted for six episodes before being written out, with his character, Jake Gibson, going to rehab.

The drama has tried to stem the tide by adding two new firefighters to the crew, including Jack Damon (Michael Bradway), a hot-headed probie revealed to be Kelly Severide's (Taylor Kinney) half brother during the Season 12 finale. Also newly aboard is Lizzy Novak (Jocelyn Hudon), whose free spirit personality reinvigorates the show's narrative with a sort of spunkiness that's been sorely missing since Brett and Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) left the show. And now, One Chicago fans will have Dom Pascal to enjoy. Time will tell if audiences will take to him.