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This Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Movie Is Almost Impossible To Watch Today

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In Hollywood, there's no friendship more iconic than Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's. Before they became global superstars and Oscar winners, the two worked together as extras on Kevin Costner's "Field of Dreams," spending tons of time together in their youth. After the Oscar-winning success of "Good Will Hunting," the best mates continued to truck along together, joining Kevin Smith's controversial 1999 flick "Dogma." Despite emerging as a cult classic, the comedy just isn't available to stream today. In 2022, Smith explained that "Dogma" can't be digitally purchased or streamed because of producer Harvey Weinstein's involvement.

The maligned Weinstein, formerly associated with the production and distribution company Miramax, still holds the rights to the films. The "Clerks" director has attempted to purchase "Dogma" from the producer, but Weinstein simply wouldn't budge, rejecting every offer from the maverick filmmaker. Because of that, fans of both Smith and Affleck/Damon can't hop on Netflix or Prime Video and watch the flick. Those eager to watch "Dogma," which caused quite a bit of uproar in the '90s, can purchase DVDs from the likes of AmazoneBay, and more. 

Released in 1999, "Dogma" was embroiled in controversy because of its discussion and presentation of religious themes, which many deemed blasphemous. The picture follows two angels named Bartleby and Loki (Affleck and Damon respectively) who are banished to earth by God (Alanis Morissette). Using their wit and knowledge, they attempt to return to Heaven but realize that doing so would undermine God's powers. In addition to the longtime friends and the "Ironic" singer, the comedy also features the beloved View Askew universe characters Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). 

Dogma was a success despite its controversy

Upon release, "Dogma" was a financial success, grossing over $43 million, making it one of Kevin Smith's largest showings at the box office. Its financial receipts are especially pronounced as it only received a limited release, debuting in some 1,200 domestic theaters. The movie also got solid reviews, as "Dogma" boasts a decent 68% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Veteran film critic Roger Ebert particularly enjoyed "Dogma," giving it a 3-and-half-star rating. "[Smith] has positioned his comedy on the balance line between theological rigidity and secular reality [...] He deals with eternal questions in terms of flawed characters who live now, today, in an imperfect world," Ebert wrote, positively labeling the pic as both a solid spiritual and comedic effort. 

Over on Letterboxd, the film-centric social media site, users gave the release a 3.5 average score, based on nearly 90,000 ratings. "Dogma is Smith writing at his best, with great jokes and ideas merged with a unique take on religion. It doesn't transcend Smith's many limitations, but it is a very fun watch," wrote user Darren Carver-Balsiger in a four-star review.

It's disappointing that, despite being one of Smith's better films, "Dogma" isn't available for most to watch. Aside from the aforementioned performers, the film also features Salma Hayek, Alan Rickman, and the legendary George Carlin in pivotal roles. In the mood for a film similar to "Dogma"? Check out Looper's ranking of every Kevin Smith film ranked from worst to first